I Got Nuthin’

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Those of you that have been reading one of my blogs for a while know that I run them by a schedule. Once I get that schedule down, I really try and stick to it. The second post on Friday is supposed to be a yappy post… you know some crap Hubby said/did, something new we tried, an update on some aspect of our life, a complaint, compliment, etc. Something we can all chat about, have an opinion on, and agree or disagree about, here on Ann’s Entitled Life.

Well, even for just a yappy post, I got nuthin’ for today. We’ve spent the week shopping, doing minor repairs, trying to find a groomer for Max (the one we had lined-up said he didn’t like her and bailed), and finishing up small condo details before we move on to a few big (relatively speaking) renovation projects.

It was a pretty boring week.

Oh! The weather here in northeast Florida has been up and down – cold at night (40s- 30s down into the 20s with the windchill some evenings), 70s one day, 50s the next. That is my big news. I hope your weather has been tolerable!

I will leave you with a picture of Mr. Max on the day I took the Ice Storm Photographs:


Right now, he more closely resembles a panda as his paws and legs are so filthy. I was really disappointed when that groomer bailed.

So how goes life for you? Anything new and special going on?

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  1. Other than problems with the refrigerator and toilet and my husband having the winter blahs, nothing here. As for the weather, I’m dreaming of spring. Last night our local news said Anchorage, Alaska was warmer than Northeast TN!

    • YIKES! Marie. It is pretty cold here today too… only a high of 45 expected, but it warms up nicely for the weekend.

      Good luck with your refrigerator and toilet. We replaced two toilets last month, and I think choosing one from all those out there is the hardest part!


      • My son fixed the fridge but we’ll see how long that lasts since it is old. I just finished fixing the toilet.

        • Wow, you fixed the toilet!? Impressive Marie. All I can do to “fix” a toilet is jiggle the handle when the water runs.

          I hope your refrigerator enjoys a long, productive life.


  2. Max always looks so adorable! Such a precious puppy.

    • Want him, Tatiana? His awful attitude is what made the groomer boot him. Right now, he stinks. If I have to groom him, he is really going to be unhappy.


  3. Well how boring is this. Going to the Eastern Hills Mall later to buy calendars. I refuse to pay full price so hoping they are at least 75% by now.

    • ROTF, Faith. I am pretty sure they will be… I am trying to think where I saw them for 50% off the first week in January. I want to say Office Depot. You may want to check there first before heading to the mall.


  4. Boring here, outside of Buffalo! FREEZING too!! 3 kids, 3 sports, 3 scout troops… full time job, part time job and I pretend to blog – sometimes! Attempting to work on a FREEZER COOKING format to either teach or promote and just dreaming of warmer temps.!! That’s all I’ve got!!! 🙂

  5. Weather is always something to chat about…it’s 22 here and I don’t ‘do’ cold.
    That really stinks ’cause my new Kroger is having their Day 1 Grand Opening right now.

    Thinking about braving the cold just to go get some fresh produce.
    Produce ought to be plenty fresh on 1st day store open-right?

    • I would think so, Barbee.

      I just took Max for a walk and nearly froze my face off. I brought a winder coat and scarf with me (thank goodness), but not a winter hat or gloves. The wind is stiff right now, and the ocean whitecaps look big enough to surf in!


  6. Stephanie B says

    Do you mean to say Hubby has made it an entire week without a witty comment or getting himself into trouble?? You should bake a cake to celebrate lol. I am thinking about taking my 3 year old to the Riviera Theatre (in North Tonawanda NY) Sunday for their family movie series and I have to come up with a great gluten free cake for my step dad. Otherwise…I will be stuck inside trying not to freeze!

    • He made up for it today, Stephanie. He can’t go more than 7-10 days without getting into a sticky situation.

      I hadn’t been to the Riviera in years, and when we went last year all I could think of was, “Who shrunk the seats!!?” because you know my fanny hasn’t gotten any larger over the years.

      Have a great time!



  7. I am sick again, argh. Since I just had pneumonia in Nov, I am really taking it easy and trying to make sure it doesn’t turn to pneumonia again.

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