What Was The First Record You Ever Owned?

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What Was The First Record You Ever Owned?

Unless you are a “certain age”, you probably have never owned a vinyl record. And, if you are a certain age, you probably still call cds, records or albums. I know I sure do.

I was never a big one for owning albums, I had maybe 100 in my collection. I had a bunch of 45s though. Wow, too many to recall or remember what they all were. Again, for the younger crowd, this is what we listened to before 8-tracks, cassettes, or cd players. And many, many moons prior to downloads. Somehow my collection even sported a number of 78s, but I am sure (or at least I really, really hope) those were my parents or grand-parents before they became mine.

Anyhoooo drum roll please, the first record I can recall owning was Partridge Family Album. I remember the albumn cover of this one a lot more clearly though: Up to Date And I wasn’t a David Cassidy fan either, I just liked the music.

And after this question, I went over to youtube and listened to both albums.

So, What Was The First Record You Ever Owned?

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  1. lessa joseph says

    My first album was Natalie Cole This Will Be

  2. lessa joseph says

    Natalie Cole This Will Be

    • Love Natalie Cole’s voice, Lessa! This Will Be is such a good song! I don’t know the album though. I’ll have to look that up.


  3. Seriously no idea….but my guess is The Monkeys or Herman’s Hermits. (I just laughed when I typed that), followed closely by The Beatles.

    • LOL The Monkees on Sunday morning were a hoot! Every time someone says “Herman’s Hermits”, Mrs. Brown, You’ve Got a Lovely Daughter gets stuck in my head for the day. Thanks, Donna. 😛


  4. Dian Farmer says

    Ok, so I am apparently the teeny bopper baby here, the Beatles were my brother’s era.
    My first album was Crazy Horses by The Osmonds! My first concert, too – I spent the summer in Red Bank TN, and got to see them in concert in Chattanooga.

  5. Um I think it was The Chipmonks Sing The Beatles lol. My mom belonged to a record club and ordered that for me. After that it would have been some 45, perhaps Neil Sedaka Laughter In The Rain or maybe The Supremes Love Child or The Monkees Last Train to Clarksville. The Supremes were the first poster on my wall (my mom had the album it came out of) and my first concert was with tickets I won on the radio to see The Association.

  6. Baby Love by the Supremes. The 45.

  7. My first record of my very own (everyone elses albums and records were mine too.. ) was a double Sesame Street album with all the songs from their first year of production.. I think that was 1969.. I was in second or third grade & took the album to school where my teacher played it for us in class.. on the way home, I dropped it & a chunk of it broke off.. but only on the first song.. The rest still play just fine.. even today. 🙂

    I had loads & loads of albums.. prob around 300.. still do.. and so did Don.. I “borrowed” albums from my mom and my sister & her then boyfriend… I gave many of Alex’ & Gingers back.. but they gave ME back many of them over the years..

    The first album I bought with my own money was Sweet, Fox on the Run…

    • HTH did your even see Sesame Street, Kim? I know I never did because I was in school when it started… I must have seen my first one on a day off – my brother must have been watching it.


  8. I was in 2nd grade when it came out.. I watched it a little bit but not a lot.. I never have been much of a TV watcher.. ever!! My brother too watched it more than I did.. he was in pre-school so it was age perfect for him.. I did like it when they spoke in Spanish though since I grew up speaking it..

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