Does Your Spouse Do Dishes?

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Does your spouse (SO) do the dishes?

Going waaaaaaay back to the start of Hubby and my relationship, Hubby and I had originally agreed that whoever cooks, the other one cleans up after them. That lasted all of two seconds. Hubby and Sonny-boy came up with some cockamamie plan that if they got the dishes “to the sink” that was close enough for them, and I should be “happy” they “cleaned up” after themselves.

I swear I can count on my hands the number of times either of them loaded the dishwasher when I was around. Sonny-boy of course did the dishes when we were out of town. Hubby? I swear he doesn’t know what the inside of the dishwasher looks like. At his apartment (before we were married), he would stack the (rinsed) dishes, silverware, pots and pans on the counter until he ran out of clean dishes!! Then he’d do two loads at once and repeat the process all over. It was kinda gross.

Well, Sonny-boy moved out many moons ago, and I still hear that stupid, “If I get them to the sink…” phrase from Hubby. And I am no happier about now than when I first heard it eight years ago.

And because Hubby doesn’t do the dishes, I swear he uses every single last cooking utensil we own when he cooks!! When I bake, I put away ingredients, load the dishwasher, wash down counters and clean up after myself as I go along. When Hubby cooks? Ummm let’s just say that if it isn’t dirty, it wasn’t from lack of trying on his part.

The other day I did the dishes; loaded the dishwasher, washed and dried the non-dishwasher dishes, and folded the wash cloth and dish towel, and walked out of the kitchen. 10 minutes later when I came back to the kitchen, it was like a cyclone had struck!! Exactly how many dishes can one man use in 10 freaking minutes!? I swear there was half a load of dishes waiting by the sink.

I offered to show Hubby many times how the dishwasher works. He’s not biting. Darn it.

Does Your Spouse (Significant Other) Do Dishes?

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  1. ONLY if his life depended on it and he had used up and the silverware and cutlery and every dish and glass in the place. LOL. My son does load and unload the dishwasher every day as his RENT>

  2. Skirnir Hamilton says

    Hubby tends not to run the dishwasher. Instead he tells son to do it. Son tends to only do the dishwasher when told, but did do one the other day when he was not asked to do it. That is rare. But he knows we are moving soon, so pitching in a tad.

    • Moving again, Skirnir! You are going to have this purging and packing down to a science shortly. Just a new residence or new state too?


  3. I don’t have a dishwasher and I’m okay with washing them all by myself. See, my husband likes to do them when he can’t sleep and it wakes me up…at 5am!

    • Oh Marie, I agree! Given the choice between doing dishes or waking up at 5am, dishes would win every time. I am not a morning person.


  4. Not a chance!! We dont have a dishwasher so I am IT! One day a year or so ago, D was in there washing dishes.. I think it was a holiday or some other event where all the family was there… I was beat up from cooking and in a heap and saw him in there… I couldnt believe it!! I think that was the first time in 16 years that I saw him washing dishes… though he does usually rinse his plate off after hes eating.. I’ll give him that.

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