Sometimes, I Understand Ralph Kramden

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Sometimes, I Understand Ralph Kramden

Hubby was getting into bed the other night, complaining it was too cold in the house. “Poooooooky it’s cold in here!”

I told him, “Well honey, you need to get some fat on you and then you won’t be cold any longer.”

To which he responded, “Oh, is that a proposition?”

In the immortal words of Ralph Kramden: Straight to the moon!

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  1. ROFLMBO!!! Mr. Entitled is freaking priceless! I love that guy. Now when you punch him in the kisser, call him meathead so that all my nostalgia hits me at once LOL!

  2. Stephanie B says

    LMAO!!!! I had to read it twice for it to sink in and then I literally snorted with laughter. Oh that Hubby, ever the charmer.

  3. Stephanie B says

    I read this to my husband and he said “I guess he is going to be cold a few more nights” lol

    • LOL The other day he ran into bed and he was like an icicle. I swear he stood outside for 10 minutes before coming to bed.

      He jumps in bed and immediately snuggled up to me.

      After he peeled me off the ceiling, he proceeded to stick his freezing cold feet against my feet again. Let’s just say I am getting tired of this bedtime routine. I am gonna break out the electric blanket just for him.


  4. OMG! Why isn’t he sleeping on the couch? LOL. That not only would teach him, but give him some other place to warm his feet.

  5. What a guy! I had to read it 2x’s too. Thought I couldn’t possibly be reading it right.

    • LOL I thought I didn’t hear it right – expect that Hubby was laughing his head off. He really finds himself amusing.

      That makes one of us.


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