The Smell of Value

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When we take Max to Cornell, we have a day – day and a half of downtime. We’ve spent some time in wineries, some time antiquing, some time seeing the sights, and some time exploring the local stores.

Hubby loves Amish and Mennonite stores, and there are quite a few in the Finger Lakes areas. I am willing to go into a few stores, but honestly there is only so much shopping I can take.

Last week Hubby was on his fourth Amish store of the day when I decided to wait it out in the car. I figure I’d play on my phone, and not heavy sigh-him into leaving early. The place was really just an enclosure and not selling any of the Amish quilts or furniture that interest me.

About 5 minutes after Hubby went into the store, he called me to come in. He just “knew” I would love the joint.

So, I walk in and the lady that owns the store is wandering about the place, and Hubby is the only customer. I head down the side aisle with him and whisper, “It smells funny in here.”

To which he responds, “That’s the smell of value!”

As I stare at him he continues, “Boy, baking products and power tools, if ever there was a store for me, this is it.”

He also pointed out the irony of an Amish store (no power in the place) selling power tools, as well as the fact that there is no way to test them.

And he wonders why I don’t like to shop with him.

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  1. Next time Ann, tell him to text you a photo of what he sees that you would like. Since the store obviously didn’t smell like value to you., what do you think the funny smell was? The Amish do use power tools, they just run them off propane somehow.

    • This one had no propane or gas in any way, Shell. No lighting above, no gas-run coolers for dairy, meats or produce. It must be pretty darned cold in there in the winter.

      As far as the smell? I don’t even want to know. It could be as simple as lack of air circulation, or as bad as … I don’t want to know.


  2. To me, it’s not value, it’s either kerosene (heat or generator) or where things are stored forever and not taken care of (a really bad thrift store). Value is a 30-90 day return policy, a year or lifetime manufacturer warranty and possibly an extended warranty. But…I do love me a good yard sale or clean thrift store.

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