What Kind Of Window Coverings Do You Have?

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As we aim to set up our Florida condo, I have run into a bit of a wall with window coverings. I really, really, really wanted plantation shutters. The plantation shutter guy asked me what I was trying to accomplish with my window coverings, and if I wanted to make the focal point the views. My response was privacy at night, otherwise it is all about the views. (We bought this condo to look at the purdy water.) He quickly put the kibosh on plantation shutters. He told me they don’t really have a way to pivot them completely off the windows when more than two pieces are required.

He showed me honeycomb blinds from Hunter Douglas (room darkening for the bedrooms), and suggested I pass on window coverings completely in the living room.

Florida Windows

Once those are replaced (in 2-3 weeks, YAY!), the view from our bedroom and living room will be spectacular. I am wish-washy about the lack of window coverings in the living room: on the one hand I understand what he is saying, and he is absolutely correct. Why cover up the view when the view is why we purchased the condo?

On the other hand, at home we have a very elaborate living room drapery set-up that I had custom made. Living room window treatments are what I am used to! There is a window in the living room and a slider. Since the slider leads out to a small deck, the slider window is pretty well covered and I can see leaving the slider without a window covering. On the other hand, if I put something on the living room window, I worry that the slider will look “funny” without a covering.

Decisions, decisions.

So tell me – do you have window coverings that open up completely off the window (or maybe cover 2-3″ total)? If so, what do you have? I am really looking for any and all idea. These honeycombs may be the best idea there is (because they will close up to under 2″ at the top of the window), but I do want to explore further options. HEEEELLLLLPPP!!

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  1. Tami Lemons says

    When we had our lake house, we had curtains on the bottom half of the windows and the rolling shades (it was a looong time ago) But, I could draw the curtains together for a little privacy but still see the sunset, and after dark, lower the shades. So, the honeycomb shades might be perfect :))

  2. I have simple drapes with a valance and thermal shades. What about just a valance and shades?

    • Just a valance and shade would work in the living room and one bedroom, but not the other two bedrooms, Shell. The windows are recessed in those rooms leaving big “shelf” from the wall opening to the window itself. It is actually nice if you have plants.


  3. Privacy is a BIG issue in my house since our neighbors are so close. I have curtains and mini blinds. I hate cleaning the blinds and would love to have those windows with the blinds in between the glass. I’d also love to have the money to spend on such things!

    • I only wish we were allowed to get the windows with the blinds in between – since we have to replace the windows, now would be the time. Alas our condo association dictates what we can buy, so no-go there.


  4. I don’t really know what it means “a way to pivot them off them window” … However, we lived in Florida and had Polywood shutters. They were expensive, but we never EVER had buyer’s remorse. Loved them! When we moved back north, we decided to get them here. “Polywood” not available, but we went for the wood and again, absoutely LOVE them! Saved a ton on new curtains, drapes every so often, not to mention having to wash/iron. Privacy? You bet! Pretty? Absolutely!!! Again, don’t know what the shutter man meant as we have triple windows in three rooms. Good luck!

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