Decorating A Banister For The Holidays

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Decorating A Banister For The Holidays

I am a less-is-more kinda gal. Our decor is minimal rather than jam packed. I am quite sure this is a reflex reaction to my mother’s house being crammed with furniture, albeit very nice furniture, but nevertheless too much for the space (IMO).

However during the holiday season, my decorating can be over the top! I love glitter, and sequins and sparkly-stuff, and Christmas decor is when I indulge in the sparkling lights and twinkling decorations of the season! And one of the places I really indulge is in decorating our banister for the holidays!

Decorating A Banister For The Holidays

You need a few materials before you begin to decorate your banister – garland, lights and holiday decor. I use pre-lit garland. It isn’t worth the aggravation to me to put on unlit garland and then add light strings. I buy extras after Christmas when they are 50% off, and store them “just in case” a string goes bad in the future. They usually cost $25-$30, so I pay half that.

I also use zip-ties and a cutter.

Make sure you test your lights before you hang them! If you take away nothing else from this post, make sure you do this.

Decorating A Banister For The Holidays

I hang the garland on the banister, and attach it with zip-ties. This allows me to use fewer strings of pre-lit garland as I am not wrapping the garland around the railing, but laying the garland on top of the railing. Since my banister railing is skinny, I have a tail from the zip-tie after I pull it tight. I clip that zip-tie tail off with a cutter.

When my garland-lights are up, I turn them on! I may have just tested them two seconds ago, but hey you never know. It is much easier to swap out a dead string now then after I have decorated it! I then work on decorating the garland – with the lights on!

Decorating A Banister For The Holidays

This is my array of decor. I buy at JoAnn’s on sale, various Christmas stores, Pier 1, you name it, if it sells glittery flowers, picks, sticks, ribbons, bows I buy and then store the decor from year to year. Each piece costs anywhere from 50¢ to $5, so this isn’t exactly heirloom quality, and it only lasts a few seasons.

Decorating A Banister For The Holidays

Some of the decor has clips on the backside, some short stems, some very long stems that I cut down. To attach the decor, I insert it within the garland, or clip it to the garland. I don’t use wire – there really is no need. The pre-lit garland stems are bendy and pliable, so the decor can be stuck into the stems and it will stay.

Decorating A Banister For The Holidays

I just insert willy-nilly as I think it will look good. Taking a step back and looking at the railing as a whole once you’ve inserted 4-5 pieces helps you get a sense of scale and balance. It is also extremely important for a “big picture” person like myself – I have a tough time on occasion seeing how the parts should be placed to achieve the finished product in my mind.

Decorating A Banister For The Holidays

Decorating A Banister For The Holidays

I build up from a base working a section at a time. I add and add until I get the effect I am looking for. You want a few pieces to stick up, and a few to come down… and for that I use long glittery sticks or hoops or flowers.

Decorating A Banister For The Holidays

Decorating A Banister For The Holidays

Decorating A Banister For The Holidays

It is very important to not make yourself crazy over filling in every hole. There is evergreen garland and light there – let some shine through!

Decorating A Banister For The Holidays

I have a curved banister so it is difficult to take a picture of – but this is truly beautiful in person!

Decorating A Banister For The Holidays

Decorating A Banister For The Holidays

It is very pretty unlit too!

Remember, when you decorate a banister like this, you aren’t using the railing to help you go up or down the stairs while it is decorated. Keep that in mind if you have elderly, infirm or small children who need to use that railing to make it up and down that staircase.

Inevitably a piece of decor may get whacked and knocked down. The beauty of decorating this way the piece can just be stuck back into the banister decor, and you are on your merry way!

You can’t get an easier Christmas decoration. There isn’t anything to glue or put together, and it changes yearly with the addition or subtraction of decorating pieces! Believe me, if I can do this, anyone can. Start off small – I didn’t have all these pieces when I first made this 7-8 years ago. I’ve accumulated them over the seasons. But decorating a banister for the holidays can really make a beautiful holiday decoration during the Christmas holiday season!

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  1. Stephanie B says

    I LOVE IT!!!!!

  2. Tamona Valentine says

    OMG that banister is beautiful! I hate stairs but you made me want stairs lol! I was hoping you would use hot glue so you could write a post telling us what you glued yourself to or what body parts have now found themselves closer together lol!

    • No laughing, T. If hot glue were involved, I very well could have been stuck to the banister… or in the emergency room.


  3. Really pretty, Ann!

  4. Lovely Ann!
    I decorate in much the same way. I have bought really ugly wreaths on Christmas/Fall clearance & taken them apart just for the pretty decor that was on them (even a bow ~ can’t tie a decent bow for the life of me) or just cut up the greenery or leaves to place here & there around the house. It works!
    What’s funny is I am now seeing my two daughters take the same approach to decorating. They first look at what they have & re-purpose. Don’t know if they know that, but I see it & it makes me smile.

  5. lorraine williamson says

    I love the bannister makes me wish we had stairs to decorate thanks for sharing following from x-mas hop I’m lorraine

  6. I enjoy your posts, Ann. You make me feel like we are friends and you are….”telling me how to do it…” whatever you are explaining tells a story. My kind of gal. Thank you. Merry Christmas.


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