Two Months Until Christmas

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Four Months Until Christmas

Have you started anything yet? Shopping? Projects for decor? Cooking?

Since last month I have done a few things mostly having to do with baking. I have one recipe left for 15 days of Holiday Cookies, which means I’ve frozen a lot of cookies! That is a big relief.

Hubby and I bought a load of potatoes last week, and plan on making our Panera’s Cream Cheese Potato Soup this weekend and freezing it for Christmas Eve Dinner.

I am decorating my banister this week. Sounds goofy, but I have a blog post or two in mind, so I need to have that done for photographs. That’s what I get for losing the pics I took last year! My niece is coming over Saturday to do the tree. Because our life becomes crazy in a few weeks, I want everything finished sooner rather than later.

I will warn you that Ann’s Entitled Life is about to become holiday-centric. Between Thanksgiving and Christmas expect a lot of holiday posts.

So, how are your holiday preparations going!?

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  1. Im right where I was last month… I havent done a thing and I dont plan on it either..
    Im certainly not sweating it..
    Today, I did run across the material and pattern I was going to use to make my granddaughter a life size doll that she can share her clothes with.. maybe I’ll actually get that project done this year in time to send it to her for Christmas.
    Im not planning buying a thing except Christmas dinner & maybe a few stocking stuffers this year.

    • I wonder if the older we get, the less we want to do for the holidays, Kim? I keep waiting for grandchildren figuring that would be a load of fun! Now if only Sonny-boy would cooperate.


      • For me, there was always loads of magic when there were little kids around.. mine, his, or even my Sorta-Grands.. Unfortunately, my 2 grand babies are on the other side of the US.. so its not near as fun as it could be..
        Im definitely not capable of doing what I used to do, financially or physically… and thats ok too.. Im truly going back to my roots.. There is a season for all things.. Im going to enjoy the holidays no matter what. 🙂

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