Cornell Dairy Bar and Plant

Cornell Dairy Bar and Plant

When we first went to Cornell with Max, Hubby made mention of the “Cornell Dairy Bar” where they used to be able to purchase ice cream when he was in college. He waxed poetic about that ice cream, and was bound and determined we’d get some on our return to Cornell. So, a few weeks ago when we were at Cornell, Hubby was a man-on-a-mission to find that old dairy bar and take me there for an ice cream!

It turns out our timing was perfect.

In 2010, Stocking Hall at Cornell was closed for a major renovation. A new observation deck to look over the Dairy plant was installed, some kind of passageway taken down, and the entire place was renovated from top to bottom. The plant and dairy bar had only recently reopened, and Cornell-made ice cream returned just a few weeks prior to our visit.

Cornell Dairy Bar and Plant

Cornell Dairy Bar and Plant

Cornell Dairy Bar and Plant

Cornell Dairy Bar and Plant

I must say the renovated Stocking Hall was quite impressive. We took the hike up to the observation area to get a look at the processing plant. Unfortunately it looks like we arrived at breaktime, so we didn’t see the plant in action.

Afterward, we went over to the Cornell Dairy Bar for a taste of that fantastic ice cream Hubby remembered. Up on the boards they had all sorts of specialty flavors, some Cornell-specific. Hubby made a comment that the menu board flashed a bit too fast to read through the first time. There are big TVs (see top pic) right next to the Cornell Dairy Bar entrance. They would do well to list the flavors/rotate them on those boards before you enter to place your order. You’d think a place that boasts the number one hotel and restaurant management school in the country would have figured that out instead of allowing the long lunchtime to back up into the concourse.

These are the regularly available flavors, although there are specialty flavors not listed below:

Current Cornell Dairy ice cream flavors:

• Bavarian Raspberry Fudge
• Big Red Reunion Revel
• Black Raspberry
• Chocolate
• Chocolate Fudge Brownie
• Coconut Chip
• Cookie Dough Dream
• Cookies & Cream
• Cornelia’s Dark Secret
• Espresso Chip
• Ezra’s Morning Cup
• French Vanilla
• Kahlua Fudge
• Mint Chocolate Chip
• Peanut Butter & Jelly
• Peanut Butter Cup
• Perry’s Lemon Sorbet
• Strawberry
• Triple Play Chocolate
• Vanilla

I had some raspberry swirl thing and Hubby has cookies and cream, a scoop of coconut, and a spring-something-or-another. He wanted to get “value” out of his dish as the first scoop was $2, and the extra scoops were only 50¢ each. Me? One scoop was enough. They are BIG scoops!

I am certain we will make another stop at the Cornell Dairy Bar soon. It is located a short distance from the Veterinary Hospital, so a short drive or long walk away.

Also being sold in the case: Cornell Dairy ice cream, milk, yogurt, pudding, and Big Red Cheddar. Hubby would have bought rice pudding if they produced and sold it there, but he only saw vanilla. He did make a comment that the cheese was crazy-expensive ($15 per pound). The next time we stop we hope to have a cooler with us so we can take some goodies home!

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  1. Hi Ann – nice to meet another Upstate NY blogger [I followed the trail from the Facebook Pinterest Collaborative Board group]. My husband actually worked on that building when it was being renovated, as he has on many buildings at Cornell. We have been meaning to get over there for some ice cream, and now you have inspired me to make it soon.

    • Donalyn I bet he has some great stories!! If you write it up, I’d love to read that, and I am certain my husband would too. He graduated in the early 90s, and has made more than one comment on how the place has exploded in the last 20-something years!


  2. I had the pleasure of working in the accounting dept. for a dairy company (Farm Stores) for over 20 years.
    One of the most exciting things about that job was my ability to interact with the plant operations and yes-it was really neat! The lines were fascinating. If they would let me, I would have stood and stared for hours-just like a little kid. 🙂 Too bad you didn’t get to see it in action.
    It’s really loud but ‘neato mosquito’ awesome!!! So many steps and moving parts-like an amusement park ride.
    And did you say ice cream???? I was on the un-official tasting panel, I am an ice cream fiend.
    Farm Stores may be a bit south of your place in FL, but if you ever get the opportunity to try it, please do so.
    P.S. Un-Official tasting panel: I ate free ice cream at every available opportunity.

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