Sunday Morning Shopping

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Sunday Morning Shopping

A few weeks ago I posted Sunday Morning Shopping making it very clear that I may not be out shopping on Sunday ever again (or at least not every week). This is a reader driven post having little to do with me – except I may run out to get whatever good deals you all post in comments. 😛

I also added an email notification for additional comments. Definitely read this post so you know how to opt in or out.

I had no plans to shop this morning until my email delivered a $6/$30+ beauty coupon from CVS. That expired on the 10th, so I decided I would check out the ad and see if there was anything worthwhile to combine with the coupon. Well, after seeing the Softsoap bodywash, I decided the ad had possibilities and I just might go out. Then, Tops issued a $5/$35 coupon and Hubby started whining about rice pudding and I knew I was going to shop today.

So, I printed off 178 coupons (yup, 178) and off to the store I went!

Highlights of my Sunday Morning Shopping Trip include:

CVS Order

(4) Softsoap $3.50
(3) Russell Stover Chocolate Bunnies 99¢ (50% off)
(2) Mitchum $1.99
(2) Almay Eyeliner B1G1 50% off ($8.79, $4.39)
= $34.13
– $6/$30 CVS coupon
= $28.13
– (4) $1 softsoap coupons
– (2) $1 mitchum coupons
– (1) $5 Almay $5/2 coupon
= $17.13
– $2 CVS almay coupon
= $15.13
– $2 ECB from my quarterlies
= $13.13 and I received $6 ECB

I scanned both mine and Hubby’s CVS cards at the Kiosk. I got the stuff listed in the ad and not much else, but this is what he received (on 4 scans!!)

• Almay Cosmetic $2 expires 4/14/13
• Dixie PerfecTouch Cups B1G1 (value to $4.99 – these were $5.49 at my store, and they only had one on the shelf)
• Gold Bond Lotion or Cream $1 expires 4/14/13
• Got2B Hair Care (excludes trial size) $1 expires 4/14/13
• M&M Sharing Size, Snickers 2 to go or Twix 4 to go 75¢/2 expires 4/14/13
• Maybelline Cosmetic $1 expires 4/14/13
• Xtra Laundry Detergent $1

• Allergy Relief $5/$25 expires 4/21/13
• Cosmetics $2/$10 expires 4/21/13
• Deodorant $2/$8 expires 4/21/13
• Facial Skincare $6/$30 expires 4/21/13
• Greeting Card $2/$6 expires 4/21/13
• Pain Relievers or Sleep Aid (50c+) $5/2 expires 4/21/13
• Shampoo or Conditioner $2/$8 expires 4/21/13
• Vitamins $5/$25 expires 4/21/13
• 5 hour or sk energy shots $1.50/$5 expires 4/21/13

After that, Hubby and I went over to Walgreens where they had 75% off Easter candy!

Walgreens Order

(2) M&MS 99¢
(2) Reese’s Big Bag Peanut Butter Eggs $1.74
(2) Peeps 44¢
(2) Cadbury Mini Eggs 44¢
(7) Russell Stover Bunnies 49¢
(2) Russell Stover Peanut Butter Eggs 12¢
(2) Cadbury Eggs 18¢
(2) Lindt Eggs 82¢
= $12.89

Hubby was most unhappy when he realized he paid 99¢ for chocolate at CVS that was 49¢ at Walgreens. He wanted to return the others to CVS, but instead I convinced him to buy the remaining ones at Walgreens.

Our final stop was Tops.

The only thing special about the Tops order was Hubby cruised the meat aisle and came away with 1# packs of ground chicken and 1# packs of bacon for $2.10. Most everything else was “Hubby stuff” including chip dip, cookies and rice pudding. Total before coupons and bonus card was $75.98, total after was $38.98 (no tax on this order).

So, all in all it was a good shop. Lots of snacks for Hubby. 🙂

How was your shopping this week? Did you go Sunday Morning Shopping? Did you find any great deals? Anything we should all run out for? Detail folks, details!

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  1. MichelleK says

    Oh Ann… not even 1 of the three FREEBIES at CVS??? What???????? LOL Getting ready to head to RA and Tops… gotta get my Peanut Butter and Popcorn!!!!

    • The dark chocolate was a total waste on us, and we don’t need toothpaste.

      I may go back to Tops for the popcorn, but I doubt I would buy enough boxes to do the deal even one time, sooooo


      • MichelleK says

        LOL Ann – Dark Chocoalte is wasted on me too… I did TOPS tonight and got $169 for only $21.59 after the 1300 Gas Points!! AWESOME… we have Cheerios, Peanut Butter, Popcorn, Pies and Popsicles to get through the next month!!! I LOVE the TOPS stock ups this week!! I already hit $4.00 and filled up and I am back to $3.20 off per gallon… whooohoooo…. (Its a sickness!!) LOL

        • YAY! Michelle.

          I think we are up to a buck off, and honestly I have no idea how that happened since I’ve only shopped there twice this gas-cycle.


  2. Wendy Penn Yan, NY says

    Nice trip Ann. Can’t keep a couponer down for long. LOL

    • LOL Yes, but a couponing vacation isn’t a bad thing either, Wendy. We still have to watch what we buy as I am super motivated to use up the stockpile!


  3. Nice shopping Ann!! Hubby is outta control with the candy, lol

    I will be going to Tops for the peanut butter later this week, didn’t feel like going this a.m., but did hit the drugstores & Aldis.

    RA: 3 Newspapers, 4 Easter pretzel M&M’s (RA has 75% off too and dd was with me), 3 Jolly Rancher jelly beans (our freakin fav, YES), 2 Almay eye liners, 2 Almay brow liners, 2 Almay eye make up remover liquid (we can’t stand the wipes, so greasy), 2 cases water, 3 Bic razors. Used cpns & Ups = $6.56. Rc’d (2) $5UP Almay, (3) $2UP Bic.

    CVS: 2 Transaction, one on my card, one hubby’s.
    #1- (hubby’s) 2 All detergent. Used $2/2 All + $3ECB. Total $2.98
    #2- (mine) 2 All detergents, 1 X-tra detergent, 2 18 pk Cottonelle TP, 6 Kleenex. Used (2) $2/3 Kleenex (CVS), $2/2 All, (2) $1/1 Cottonelle, $1/1 Extra (CVS machine). Total $9.90. Used GC, paid nothing OOP and rc’d $10ECB.

    Aldi’s purchased fresh produce, almond milk, eggs, butter (down to $1.89 pkg), case of olive oil & a quart of vanilla yogurt

    Very happy with my purchases. I didn’t splurge too much 😉 (gotta love those jelly beans), and stuck to my goal of only buying stuff we will use and need.
    Anyone see any good fabric softner deals? I’m down to my last box, TIA!!

    • Nice price on the butter at Aldi’s, Didi! I don’t need any, but at that price I can certainly freeze it.


    • Didi,

      How much was the Almay makeup remover and did they accept the $5/2 Almay cosmetic coupon for it? I’ve heard some people say Walgreen’s wouldn’t accept the coupon for the makeup remover.

      • Chantal it was 5.99 for the liquid remover (4 oz). I had no issues at all with coupons, and I used 3 of them. No beeps, nada. HTH

  4. LOVE reading everyone’s deals. I’m making my list now so I’ll be ready to shop first thing tomorrow morning.

  5. Stephanie K says

    I went to Rite Aid after church and got 4 packs of Bic Silky Touch ($2.99) and used (4) $3 coupons. I had a great cashier who just waited until the coupons were scanned to use my card, so I ended up with a -$.04 subtotal, so I only paid 92¢ after tax! I got back (4) $2 +UPs. Then we headed across the street to a little grocery store since their ad said bananas and eggs were on sale. After we cashed out my husband pointed out that the large eggs that were supposed to be $1.29 had rung up at 80¢ instead, so I ran back in and grabbed two more 🙂 . I hope to stop at Tops later today to get some Cheerios and more of the Simply Potatoes since I noticed last night that they are $2 thru 4/14 and I still have three 75¢ coupons that I printed a couple weeks ago. I’m doing my best to avoid the Easter clearance since I’ve gotten chubby over the winter and I’m going with my honey to his scientific conference in San Diego in June and I really don’t want to meet his colleagues feeling bad about myself. It’s hard enough avoiding my kids wanting to share what’s left in their baskets!

  6. I am in the kitchen today cooking a large meal for today and a few for during the work week. I also did a Sam’s Club meat run (thanks to that awesome Living Social deal). I am food saving my meat and chicken. I am trying to use up food in my refrig.

    Ann, if you go for butter at Aldi- tell hubby they have marked down the Reese’s PB minis to 1.89. I still have kisses from Christmas! haha, the date is still good so I need more candy like I need a hole in my head.

    Also, if any one needs new patio chair cushions they have the full thick ones for $9.99 and the seat ones for $4.99- a KILLER price. When I replaced my cushions a few yrs. ago I paid a fortune at Home Depot. They are really nice! I bought 4 of the full ones and 2 of the seat ones.

    I will be going to RA for the John Freida deal. I have some RR’s I have to use and dread playing the Walgreen game. 🙁 I hate shopping there lately.

    • Thanks Lea Ann! Not sure if Hubby needs more candy though.

      Lea Ann go to the Walgreens on County and Transit. I know it is crazy for you to go so far out of your way with one just a few minutes from your house, but the staff at my Walgreens on a Sunday morning cannot be beat. They truly are amazing!


      • I shop up at that Tops anyway, so I do go there at times. It is not even the CS, it is the number of coupons with the items. I cannot stand the “filler” game. I hate buying something I do not need.

    • Lea Ann what time should I be over? 😉 Is the deal for Living Social still going on? I was also looking at the cushions but I didn’t like the patterns that were left. Considering like you, I paid a fortune last year to replace them. I might just go get a few extra’s. So can stop kicking myself! 😀

      • I just looked Didi, deal over. It was a great deal• $45 ($79.84 value) for a one-year Membership package (new members only)
        • Includes a $20 Sam’s Club gift card and $19.84 in food-service vouchers
        • Food vouchers valid for an Artisan Fresh Rotisserie Chicken, a 16″ Artisan Fresh Take-and-Bake Pizza, and two boxes of 6-, 12-, or 24-count Artisan Fresh Cookies
        I have a BJ’s membership with my Dad, but I was really impressed with their meat and chicken. Their rotisserie chicken is awesome for $4.88. Ann, they carry the whole bean Tim Horton’s dou pk. for 12 something. If you ever need it, let me know.

        Come for dinner at 6PM 🙂 My son is working today, so dinner will wait for him and you.

        I was sick what I paid a few yrs. ago for cushions, so I jumped on these. I got the stripped and the floral.

        • Oh darn it! We’re already members. I do love SAMs meats, and if you want a special cut what have you, they are amazing at cutting/trimming/getting it for you!
          I definitely will be purchasing the striped love!!

  7. I had plans to go to Rite Aid and CVS but just went to Tops. I still have a lot more to get but had limited funds so… Nothing major:

    Pepsi 1.5 liter $1.00
    bottle deposit $0.05
    (1) Cinnamon Toast Crunch $1.50
    (1) Cookie Crisp $1.50
    (1) Reese’s Puffs $1.50
    (1) Cheerios $1.50
    (2) Food Should Taste This Good Potato chips $4.00 (I LOVE these!!!!!)
    (2) Ocean Spray juices $3.99 (BOGO free)
    (2) Smucker’s Jelly 32 oz. $4.00
    (1) Duncan Hines Flavor Creations flavor packet $1.00
    (2) Al Fresco Chicken Sausage $7.00
    (1) Smithfield Bacon $4.99
    (1) Edy’s Outshine coconut bars (YUM!) $3.00
    (2) Tops Greek Yogurt Cups $1.76
    Tax $0.44
    = $37.23
    – $5.00/$35 grocery printable
    – $0.50 Pepsi (home mailer Q)
    – $0.50 Cheerios L2C (I thought this was a cinnamon toast crunch Q i had clipped – still worked out)
    – $0.50 Cheerios IP
    – (2) $1.00 FSTTG chips IP
    – (2) $0.75 Smuckers IP
    – FREE DH flavor packet from inserts
    – (2) $2.00 AL Fresco IPs
    – FREE Smithfield product home mailer (I had a ROTTEN picnic a couple weeks ago way before use by date)
    – $2.00 Outshine bar IP
    – $1.00/2 Tops Greek yogurt L2C
    = $11.74

    This was not a well thought out trip at all. I knew that I needed cereal for Hubby and the boys and they are picky so this deal worked well for us. I also needed something for us to drink and enough food for 2 dinners until I can go out shopping again on Tuesday. All in all I am just happy that I got my coconut outshine bars which I think I will go eat NOW! 😉

  8. Always late to the posts 🙂 I was scanning rebates – I hate scanning rebates.

    Anyhow – the only shopping I did today was to stop by at Target for 90% off Easter/70% off easter candy. I only got Reeses eggs and a ton of random eggs craft things for the kids to do next year. They loved it this year so I want to be prepared next year. I don’t want to spend regular price on it.

    I have Up rewards expiring this week as I didn’t step foot into RA last week. I will most likely try to burn them if I can. I am burning out of drug stores and need a small break. It’s going to be 60 tomorrow, I really don’t want to be in a drug store dealing with these ridiculous MOLCs that work at my stores, in particular RA.

    • Blech, rebates. I do like the checks though! Shoot that reminds me… I have a few liquor ones to do before they expire. Thanks Liz!!


  9. You still have the touch Ann. Well, of course you do!

    Hit RA to use some ups, but only did the Freida deal. It was all I was interested in. $3 peelies on the Freida products, so bought 6, used 2 of the $5 off 3 vv & a $2 up & only paid $1.44 & got $6 in ups back.

    Now I have to go back to burn the ups that are expiring…………..but, that is much easier these days. Diapers for the grandson! Yep, yep. It takes little brain power & is much appreciated.

    • Whoa, nice deal Patti!

      Diapers are, in my opinion, a great reason to play the drugstore game – even to the point of buying unnecessary free stuff and reward-makers – to fund them! I can’t believe how expensive baby products are!


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