Sunday Morning Shopping

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Sunday Morning Shopping

A few weeks ago I posted Sunday Morning Shopping making it very clear that I may not be out shopping on Sunday ever again (or at least not every week). This is a reader driven post having little to do with me – except I may run out to get whatever good deals you all post in comments. πŸ˜›

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I finished up the rice we had in the pantry a few weeks ago, so Hubby decided it was time for a trip to the Asian store. Since we had not been for quite some time, I was definitely on-board with that plan!

We traveled through aisles of frozen, picking up some steamed buns and hoping they will be good. Side note… many, many years ago Hubby took me to the US Open. On our way, Hubby took me to dim sum. It was fabulous! Lots of pointing and choosing by pictures as no one on the push carts spoke English and we didn’t speak Cantonese, but I remember we gorged ourselves for about 20 bucks! (We tried to look up the name of the establishment, but this was about 9 years ago that we visited that restaurant and the yelp reviews are not indicating anything like what we went to, so I am assuming it has changed.) I am hopeful the steamed buns will be half as good as what we had at that dim sum (yes, I have been to others since then, but I recall that place in Queens as the best!).

Hubby of course picked up a lot of cookies and treats.

I looked at the rice, and couldn’t decide what I wanted, so waited for Hubby. As he was wandering the rice aisle, he turned to me and said, “You know what? I just remembered; we have a bucket of rice down the basement.”


We picked up some short rice because if we do have a bucket of rice, I can guarantee the rice in the food-bucket is long grain. We also picked up a kashi-type mixture that looked interesting.

All-in-all we spent about $45, and never bought the big bag of rice we went shopping for in the first place! πŸ˜€

How was your shopping this week? Did you go Sunday Morning Shopping? Did you find any great deals? Anything we should all run out for? Detail folks, details!

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  1. I need to take a trip to the Asian store too….there is one about 15 or 20 miles away. I’m needing miso, fish sauce, rice noodles, and kelp that I can think of off the top of my head… I’m sure there are other things too. In the past, I’ve only gone with friends but I think I can venture putt on my own now. πŸ˜‰ They also have super cheap veggies and I’m sure for a stockpile trip.

    • The veggies and seafood are interesting at our Asian store. I seriously cannot identify have the stuff in the produce department. Some of the stuff even stumps Hubby.


  2. We have an Asian store maybe 1 mile from home. Never been in it. Every time I go by I think I should stop, but don’t. I need to stop & at least take a look. The fish sauce KimH mentions sounds like something I would use/like.

    • Patti a lot of the stuff is made in the USA, not overseas. I find that interesting. The prices on many products are definitely less expensive than in the grocery stores here, and there are things we could never find in the grocery store at the Asian market.


  3. Stephanie B says

    I had to pick up my grandma in Erie Pa today and bring her home so I took the opportunity to go to the Once Upon A Child consignment store and sell a few baby items. Clothes I knew I’d never use again sincemy son never wore them, a few books we didn’t care for, and the world’s most annoying toy train (which I had to hide at the bottom of the bin.) I made $57 on things I would have just recycled and then turned around and took hubby to Golden Corral (his favorite place we never go to) and bought him new tool parts and the little one a new wooden train πŸ™‚

    • Nice job, Stephanie!


    • Stephanie B, we have a store ( in the west mostly, I think, called “Other Mothers”.) I discovered it after grand baby born ( with whom I am doing a 2 week ” grand mothering” stint.). It is a fantastic place to get baby clothes. I have purchased, at excellent prices, numerous name brand baby clothes that still had the original price tags on them!

      What a great idea. I think there were only garage sales when my girls were little.

  4. Wow – did everyone else work outside all day like us, and no shopping got done?? I posted some AWESOME deals for Rite-aid, a little at CVS and an AMAZING gas point BONUS deal at Tops but havent even gathered coupons yet… our super crazy season starts now with three in baseball and 2 in scouts, we run every single night!!!!

    • YOU haven’t hit Tops yet, Michelle!? Wow. And I don’t envy you running your kids around. Good luck! I’d need a super pep pill to accomplish all you would do!


      • OH I am hitting Tops for sure, ordered coupons and hitting Canan. to double dip the deals tomorrow – whooohoooo – wait til I brag about that trip… gonna be a super-starrrrrrrr!!!!! LOL

  5. I shopped for paint at Sherwin-Williams. 40% off through 4/22. Awesome price and I LOVE their paint.

  6. Hmm… I wish I could identify the dim sum place for you πŸ™‚ But if you ever go to Queens again – I’ll be sure the recommend at place πŸ™‚

    RE: Asian markets. Actually other than the fact that I carry certain types of foods that we like to cook/eat, I typically do not like them. The meat counter for explain is a site to behold – and a headdesking one for that matter. I swear – it took me an extra 10 minutes to get my order in cause these ladies quite cutting me and of course they don’t have real lines there. I’d rather pay more and shop in peace. I am aggressive but I hate being confrontation. You need shout your order there. Not what I want to do on Sunday.

    All that I did on Sunday was go to S&S- and it was an impulse trip. I am on a break from couponing and deal shopping. DH wanted me to get burger for the grill. πŸ™‚

    • HAHA… wow…. I noticed I wrote “for explain is a site to behold…” I meant “for example, is a sight to behold”. Eeks! Opps.

    • Liz I think I am on the same break… well except for Hubby’s candy fixes.

      We went online to look at what we thought was the dim sum place, but nothing was mentioned about the carts, and it didn’t look as we recalled, so who knows if the place is even still in business.


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