Sunday Morning Shopping

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Sunday Morning Shopping

A few weeks ago I posted Sunday Morning Shopping making it very clear that I may not be out shopping on Sunday ever again (or at least not every week). This is a reader driven post having little to do with me – except I may run out to get whatever good deals you all post in comments. 😛

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Ann’s Sunday Morning Shopping

I had $13 in ECB to use this morning, so I ran out to CVS. If you use nail polish, and get newspaper inserts, go to CVS today!

The Sally Hansen diamond strength nail polish is $5.49. If you have two $4 coupons from today’s newspaper:

(2) $5.49
= $10.98
– (2) $4 coupons
= $2.98 and receive $5 ECB!!

And that is exactly what I did:

CVS Order

(2) Sally Hansen diamond strength nail polish $5.49
(2) Dove candy bars 2/$3
(3) got2b $3.99
(1) Kleenex 99¢
= $26.94
– (2) $4 sally hansen coupons
– (3) $2 got2b coupons
– (1) 25¢ cvs coupon kiosk coupon
= $12.69
– $13 ECB
= – 31¢ which ate into my tax!! and I received a $5 ECB

Coupons from the CVS Kiosk today, Hubby got all the “good ones”:

• 25¢ Kleenex coupon expires 5/12/13
• 75¢/2 M&Ms Sharing Size, Snickers 2 Go or Twix to Go expires 5/12/13
• $2/2 Hershey full-size (6pk) expires 5/12/13
• $3/$15+ expires 5/19/13
• $3/$10 school and office supplies expires 5/19/13
• $4/$20 eye care or reading glasses expires 5/19/13
• $2/$8 eye care purchase expires 5/19/13
• $1/$5 facial skincare expires 5/19/13
• $2/2 toothbrush, toothpaste or mouthwash expires 5/19/13

After that, I went to Tops:

Tops Order #1

(6) Softsoap $2.50
= $15
– (6) $1 coupons
= $9 and received $4 OYNO Catalina

Tops Order #2

(9) Brown Cow Yogurt 79¢
(5) Wise Chips B2G3 ($7.98/5)
(4) Quaker Pop Chips $1.99
(4) Kozy Shack Rice Pudding 2/$5
= $33.05
– (4) Kozy shack 55¢ coupons doubled
– (4) Quaker 55¢ coupons doubled
– (1) $5 Catalina from order #1
= $19.25

Pretty good shopping today!

Total merchandise: $74.99
Total OOP: $28.25

How was your shopping this week? Did you go Sunday Morning Shopping? Did you find any great deals? Anything we should all run out for? Detail folks, details!

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  1. MichelleK says

    NICE shopping!! I am getting ready to head to Tops and RA now… You can get more Sally Hansen at RA as well! It is B1G1 50% off and can be part of the $10/$30 nail deal. I like a couple deals at Tops too – bacon, sausage, Soft scrub!! I actually posted deals at CVS, RA and Tops… feel free to check it out!! LOL

  2. Skirnir Hamilton says

    I didn’t think CVS would let you use ECBs to pay tax. IE if I went in with a $12.69 order and a $13 ECB, they would have to adjust it downward, as the machine would beep and not accept it without something to make it over $13 without tax. Is your CVS different?

    • That is what has always happened to me too, Skirnir… until today. My tax was $1.74 – 31¢ and I paid $1.43


      • Skirnir Hamilton says

        That is very weird. Cashiers even got to where they told me the amount before tax, knowing that was what I needed to decide how much I could use in ECBs. Ah, I wish I could do that. I always find it hard to grab a low priced item to make up that difference. My low priced item used to be chewing gum, but now the lowest priced chewing gum without sale is over $1. Nuts.

        • Skirnir this does not happen to me either… not since they changed the way ECB credited years ago (they used to be considered store coupons, so in NYS that meant the tax was deducted… which is different than what happened today though).


  3. 1st ~ Sure wish we had a CVS & Tops.
    Tried to post this earlier & lost the post.
    Anyway, my big news for the day is Walgreen’s & maybe you are all up to snuff on this, but I just started going back to Wags, ’cause RA just wasn’t doing it week in & week out. And I learned some new stuff today from fave cashier.
    First ~ they changed the point system so you can redeem points now in increments of 1000 for $1 (previously minimum had to be 5,000 pts for $5) AND I just figured this out today ~ points can go towards sales tax (unlike RR). That is huge here in Idaho. EVERYTHING is taxed. Well, except prescriptions, but all food is taxed, along with everything else. So yay!

    I bought most of the free after RR items & some Starbucks that was desperately needed. Redeemed $50 in pts & paid 74 cents oop. Pts paid for most of the tax. Again, Yay!!
    Then bought $20.45 in graduation & wedding cards (it’s that time of the year & I have been cleaned out of cards). Earned 5000 more pts on card purchase, used $20 in RR. Paid $1.68.

    So for about $2.50 I got 4 bags of coffee & wedding & graduation cards. Also some free after RR items that I will most likely donate & 5000 more pts. O & some RR yet to use. So it was a good day.

    • That is new to me Patti! I didn’t know you could redeem at 1000 points!

      Sounds like you had a great shop!


      • I guess the 1000 pts thing is pretty new. Cashier said it pops up on their screen, so ask if cashier doesn’t. Works in 1000 increments. So you can redeem 1000, 2000, 3000 or whatever.

        Best part of yesterday’s transaction (besides paying sales tax with points) is I only used 1 coupon. It was so easy to count # of items & match to RR used without coupons. This I can do!

        • Well I appreciated your sharing… great way to cover tax if you aren’t getting any reward points!


  4. Hello!! Did not get a chance to come on yesterday, but I did go to RA & CVS & Tops. I did amazing at RA though.

    6 A&H single load with Oxi laundry detergent $6.99 B1G1 = $20.97
    – (3) $1/1 A&H single load = $17.97
    – $15 UP = $2.97 and rc’d $10UP

    The A&H is part of WYB $20 get $10. Even without any coupons or UP’s it makes the detergent $1.83 each. I’ll take it, I’ll take it!! With cpns it’s actually a MM, if you have Ups, well your golden!! 😀

  5. Whoa! Your CVS sells Kozy Shack?! I’m completely jealous!

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