Black Swan Moscato Wine Review

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Black Swan Moscato Wine Review

We have a local discount wine store whose ad Hubby always peruses. Last week they had a screaming deal on Black Swan Moscato Wine – under $3 per bottle without a rebate! Hubby stopped and bought four bottles figuring – wth! And he is right… how bad could a moscato be? Let’s find out…

Today’s discussion: Black Swan Moscato Wine

Vintner’s Notes:

Bright apricot and peach flavors leading to a crisp citrus finish. The ultimate choice for light fare, soft cheeses and decadent desserts.

My Notes

A southeastern Australian wine the grape is nevertheless 100% muscat gordo blanco. This wine has an alcohol level of 9.60%. The color is golden-yellow, actually quite deep. The smell is peachy, and the flavor does have peach flavors. This was actually heavier than I expected, and not as sweet as I normally like a moscato to be. Saying that, I found this to be a good sipping wine when ice cold. And for the price? A definite buy at under $5 a bottle.

Have you tried Black Swan Moscato Wine? What did you think?

As always, drink responsibly and please don’t drink and drive.

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  1. $3 moscato sounds like a great deal to me. Unfortunately, the tiny liquor/lotto store that we try to support offers only 2, maybe 3 varieties of moscato. I’ll have to look for this kind when/if we pass by a bigger store. Thanks Ann!

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