Cataloging Our Liquor Cabinet

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Cataloging Our Liquor Cabinet

As many of you know, the last four years I have written up quite a few wine and liquor reviews. While I am in no way an expert, I like reporting from the layman’s point of view what a wine taste like, or the a great drink recipe we’ve discovered.

One of the things Hubby and I have done, is purchased a lot of inexpensive liquors for these reviews as well as stock staples for the liquor cabinet. We also purchase items that “look interesting”. And, if I had my way we’d have a tequila collection to rival a Mexican bar – I love the pretty tequila bottles!! Hubby reins me in though, or else this picture would look even worse.

This whole liquor cabinet cataloging started because I told Hubby we didn’t have any rum. So, Hubby pulled out the liquor from the wet bar cabinet, and I brought down the duplicate and spare liquors we had upstairs, and grouped them to write up what was what.

I started placing the bottles on top of the credenza but quickly ran out of room. I ended up moving over to the dining room table, and made a good effort at covering that too! In all we had 72 bottles of booze! and 16 of those bottles were the rum that I could not find! The best thing we found were two bottles of Captain Morgan White Rum Rhum Blanc that Sonny-boy had purchased for us on his last cruise!

Other ridiculous amounts of liquor (besides the 16 bottles of rums) were 5 bottles of Triple Sec (wth will we do with FIVE bottles!?), 4 bottles of Margaritaville Passion Fruit Liqueur and 4 bottles of brandy – which we don’t even drink!

Clearly our liquor cabinet is well stocked and either we don’t drink enough, we don’t entertain enough, we buy too much liquor, or all of the above. I did pack up 10 unopened bottled that we will take down to the Florida Condo. I also dumped a bottle that I knew we’d never drink again, and a bottle that had a half a sip left in it! That has all the hallmarks of a classic Hubby-move. He constantly puts away something with a mouthful or less left in it. Oh the stories I could tell…. and probably will!

We were then left with 60 bottles of liquor to put away. I separated out the “summer” liquors for the wet bar, and returned the “winter” liquors upstairs. Now we can find what we have.

Needless to say my liquor and wine reviews will be limited to repeat favorites, new drink recipes, or wines for the foreseeable future. My liquor buying days are over – unless I can get it free after rebate that is!

What’s in your liquor cabinet? Do you too have a problem with too many bottles?

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  1. I have one bottle of Pinacle vodka and a partial bottle of Triple Sec. Looks like you need to give a big party ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. You can send all your extras to me.. I’d happily add them to my cabinet..
    Its funny.. M’honey is an AAer,(Alcoholics Anonymous) active weekly meeting goer for 23 years and most of his friends are as well.. at least the guys who hang around here working on motorcycles and other such fun stuff … and I never kept alcohol around the house at all.. till I moved here.. Thank God it doesnt bother him. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    I always have my favorite rum on hand.. Ron Rico Gold Label.. (My kids call it “Mom’s Boyfriend Ron Rico” haha) Its inexpensive & its what I like.. works for me.. Actually I like any rum.. never met one I didnt like. ๐Ÿ˜‰ If I could only have one type of alcohol in my house.. this would be the ONE! ๐Ÿ˜‰

    I have a bottle of Bombay Dry Gin, Sobienski Vodka, a Colonial Vodka a bottle of Crown Royal, an almost empty bottle of Kahluaha French Vanilla, 2 bottles of Everclear, a large bottle of Grand Mariner, a bottle of Triple Sec, a bottle of Gallo Vermouth, and 1 bottle of Pina Colada Mix..
    I just finished off the last of my tequila about 3 weeks ago & havent replaced it.. but I will.

    I dont drink most of them but if someone were to come over, I could probably find something they’d like. The Colonial Club Vodka was given to me by a neighbor who doesnt drink when I was telling them I needed to go get some vodka for an herbal tincture I was making..
    I got the Everclear with the same intention.. herbal tinctures.. My son went to Az where they can buy it so I had him bring me 2 bottles back… Who knows.. maybe I’ll kick my heels up one of these days. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Its potent stuff!
    The vermouth was for cooking too.. ack.. not a favorite on my tongue.. haha..
    The gin is to mix with golden raisins for a “arthritis” cure.. It actually works for me.. some folks it doesnt.

    Yeah.. not a big drinker, I guess. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Mom & Dad always had a huge liquor cabinet.. and my dad was an adventurous drinker.. I guess Im not. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Mostly give me rum & Dr Pepper (or Coke if I must), a homemade margarita, a tequila sunrise, a mojito, a Bloody Mary, an Irish Cream or other similar creamy drink around Christmas, or for really special occasions Chocolate Martinis.. haha.. I have NO ingredients for a Chocolate Martini.. Must have had lots of really special occasions in the last year or two cuz I used to have all the makings. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • I thought we were adventurous drinkers, and that is possibly so just due to the variety contained in those 72 bottles, but big drinkers I guess we are not.


  3. I confess my liquor stash looks like Ann’s –actually, I may have it beat. A friend was helping me organize some shelves and cabinets and she kept saying, “Oh, this is more alcohol.” I’d smile and we would put it on the shelf.

    • LOL Rhonda what do you do with all of it? Just store it? I don’t mind the unopened bottled, but clearly we need to find a use for the open bottled – might be time to start to learn to cook with liquor.


  4. OK-Wait. You ORGANIZED your liquor cabinet?
    Can you spell: Boredom????
    Lady! You are B*o*r*e*d!

    • No, I was thirsty and couldn’t find anything! I was also tired of over-buying the same stuff, and knew we wanted to take duplicates to Florida.


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