Keuka Springs Vignole Wine Review

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Today’s Discussion: Keuka Springs Vignole Wine

Hubby and I picked up this wine in a wine shop in Corning, NY. If you’ve never been to Corning, take the time to stop if you are in the vicinity. In addition to the glass works, they have a cute main street with glass artisans, bakeries, and Finger Lake wine stores!

Keuka Springs Vignole Wine Vintener’s notes:

A nose of passion fruit and orange blossom opens to a wine graced with aromas of juicy yellow plum and lemon peel. Dried apricot finish. Try it! Make sure you savor the bouquet by swirling and smelling before tasting. Sip this semi-sweet wine chilled, with lemon-roasted chicken or artichokes French, or with appetizers such as humus and pita or fresh vegetables and dip.

Grape Notes:

The Vignoles grape Vignoles hybrid wine grape variety produced from a crossof two grapes, Seibel (a cross between Vitis vinifera (a common European grape tracing back 130 million years!) and a native North American grape) and Pinot de corton (a French Pinot Noir grape). In the New York State Finger Lakes region, the Vignoles grape makes a wine with a sweet and flowery bouquet with a clean crisp sweet pineapple flavor balanced with acidity.

My Notes:

I pulled the bottle out of the case and asked Hubby if he knew anything about this wine. He grinned like the Cheshire Cat and told me, “Oh you’re gonna like that one!”

“Hmmmm,” I responded skeptically. (I am clever with my retorts, aren’t I?)

The Keuka Springs Vignole had a floral bouquet, pale yellow in the glass.

I had chilled the Keuka Springs Vignole a bit too much and the old warm-it-slightly-in-your-palm trick was not working for me. I let it the glass sit for 15 minutes, came back to the wine and sipped: pineapple and apricot notes! I felt like a real expert instead of going with my usual wine-o tendencies. I could actually taste the complexities! Those of you that have read my past reviews know how seldom that happens! I am definitely a common-person reviewer and in no way a wine-snob.

Since hubby did not join me in my initial tasting, this wine was recorked twice. The second day this wine was actually better than the first day, the third day it started to lose its excellent taste.

Retailing for $14 a bottle, it is a nice wine. A tad sweet, very pleasant, and a good buy for the money.

As always, drink responsibly and please don’t drink and drive.

Note: this post originally appeared on my old blog, Coupons, Deals and More.

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