And Now, the End Is Near…

And Now, the End Is Near...

This is our last full week down in Florida! Hubby and I were going back and forth about when to return home, and decided on sometime next week. We will need to check the weather before we depart – since we don’t need to be home any specific day, we can be flexible. The last thing we want to do is drive through a storm.

I still would like to go into Old Town once more this week and stroll around. For Max, that is literally strolling. St. Augustine is extremely dog-friendly, so we will be able to have lunch outside with Max sitting beside us. There is a great Spanish bakery in Old Town where I need to buy one more turnover before we leave too! And I may poke my head into a shop or two along the way. I seem to develop a hat fetish every year down in Florida. Heck, the last time I was buying, someone asked me if I attend the Kentucky Derby! Yeah, those kind of hats.

While we didn’t do very many touristy things this year (my parents were supposed to come down so we held off on some things as we knew my father would enjoy them. When they bailed on us, it was disappointing), and we didn’t do a whole heck of a lot to the condo either, somehow our time on the beach was pretty darned full the last three months.

I’d like to take one last stroll on the beach too. It is pretty amazing how much it changes from January to April, either that, or I am more willing to get wet in March and April than I am in January!

There was only one restaurant we really enjoy that we didn’t get to this year. We tried last Friday, but it was a mob-scene and we couldn’t get a parking spot (1 o’clock for lunch!).

It was wonderful in January and February weather wise, and the place wasn’t very crowded either. The weather in March heated up, and with it came the crowds. The congestion in St. Augustine is bad – not due to a large population (it is a small town) or heavy influx of tourists at this time of year – but because there is really only 3 main roads to get around. One goes through Old Town (forget it when it is crowded), the other goes by all the retail and is how you get to Anastasia Island from the northern end, and the other road is only locals so far less crowded (hope I didn’t curse myself). I wouldn’t want to be here in the summer when people flock to the beaches to avoid the southern heat!

All-in-all though, we really enjoyed our time in St. Augustine this year.

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Ahhhh, That’s Much Better

Whew! Where does the time go?

A few weeks ago, I was super stressed out. We had had a bit of company, our kitchen was torn apart, and things just seemed to be going wrong.

But then my blog got fixed, the kitchen got finished, and we didn’t have to go out nightly unless we wanted to.

Things relaxed a bit.

Except for one final tweet to a really cool project (post coming, I was super impressed with Hubby on this one), two more (easy) crafts, and hanging three copper sea turtles in the spare room, we are finished with the condo for the year. Oh sure we got a new air conditioning unit (heat pump) and air handler, but that was professionally done and all we had to do was sign the check. What I mean, is we can sit back, take Mr Max for a walk, enjoy the beach, go our to dinner… or just enjoy the view with no pressure to do anything else.

Our final few weeks in Florida, are basically a vacation without the pressure to see the sights!

As you can see by the photo above, Mr Max really is feeling better. We took him down to the beach, and his favorite activity, chasing birds, was again front and center. This was a BIG change from our arrival in January where he could not get off the beach fast enough, and he wanted nothing to do with the birds or the waves.

The weather has turned much warmer (I know, awwwww), and we know our time down south is drawing to a close. Just a few more weeks before we head back home to see what this harsh winter up north has done to our house and gardens. I think we will make the most of our time left down here… doing nothing.

So how’s your week going?

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