Blueberry Vodka and Water

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Blueberry Vodka and Water

Simple. Sophisticated. Refreshing. Try this simple drink for a fresh, delightful summertime cocktail.

Prep Time: 2 minutes


1 oz Blueberry Vodka (or sugar)
3 oz Water
3 Fresh Blueberries for garnish


• Combine blueberry vodka and water in a cocktail glass; stir.
• Garnish with fresh blueberries.

Makes 1 Blueberry Vodka and Water Cocktail

Blueberry Vodka and Water

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This is a pretty straightforward cocktail. You could change it up a bit by flash-freezing your blueberries, and dropping a few to the bottom of your glass. Or, sticking with the fresh blueberries, muddle a few at the bottom of the glass!

Any way you look at it, a cocktail recipe doesn’t get any easier than this!

As always, drink responsibly and please don’t drink and drive.

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