Do You Have A Hobby?

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Do You Have A Hobby?

Hubby thinks I need a hobby. Apparently all the time I no longer spend blogging is making him jealous or something, because he seems to resent the time I spend reading books and eating bonbons instead of doing something “useful”.

The obvious solution would be some time spent in photography classes. Since I bought my camera, I have noticed that photography ain’t a cheap hobby. But, I have to say that for someone who really doesn’t have an “eye”, I am enjoying myself. I challenge myself to take the best picture possible without retouching. And, since I hate the way staged pictures look, I think I do a bit better with landscape photography – nature does quite well staging a scene. Photography classes are probably a good idea, but I certainly can’t spend all my free time taking pictures or attending photography classes.

So, I am looking for hobby suggestions – or rather Hubby is looking for hobby suggestions for me. Nothing that requires a glue gun though – I don’t really have any desire to spend time in the emergency room or burn ward.

Do you have a hobby? What is it? Do you have a hobby suggestion for me?

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  1. Oh, I have way too many hobbies.. lol.. so many that I hate to have to go to work.. but I cant pay for my hobbies if I dont.. its a dog eat dog world. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    My hobbies include: photography, gardening-houseplants & outdoor plants, starting my own starts in the spring, herbs & herbal study, making bath & body products, scrapbooking, flower pressing & arranging in photo frames for beautiful gifts. I water bath, pressure can, & dehydrate foods too..
    I study astrology, spirituality, and mind body spirit connections too..

    Hobbies that I consider still in my basket but that I dont do often anymore are candle making, sewing, and quilting. I have a photo frame mat cutter that I pull out occasionally but Im not super skilled with it.. I just havent put the time into it that I should. I used to exercise a lot and consider that a hobby of sorts.. Have loads of DVDs that I just might be able to get back into soon.. Knitting a rectangular baby blanket or throw are in my skill set too though I havent picked up any needles other than to move them from one place to another. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Im sure there are other hobbies I’ve delved into over the years but these are the most current.

    Go volunteer at an Animal Shelter! That could be fun.. or just sit around & eat bon bons all day long.. Thats fun too! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  2. Stephanie B says

    If I could take up any hobby it would without a doubt be napping. Maybe its because I have a 3 year old who hasn’t napped in over a year and take care of my grandmother with dementia full time, but napping is something I dream about lol. I was sad the other day thinking about how this is the last year before my son starts school and then I realized I will be able to nap whenever I want and that has eased my pain lol.

    As for you, maybe you could find a local organization you could volunteer for. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Napping is a hobby!? We’re done then. I nap at least once a week.

      Sorry about your Grandma, Stephanie. ๐Ÿ™


  3. Ann, i crochet and knit. Not the old scratchy stuff like grandma had. Really cute stuff that the kids love! Those cool headbands and ruffle scarves ๐Ÿ˜‰ you tube had great videos! That is how i learn the new stitches ;& is not expensive to start

    • Nice, Tami! My mother crochets and knits, and my grandmothers taught me how to many, many, MANY moons ago. I wonder how long it would take me to relearn? I recall liking crocheting a lot more than knitting, and the items I crocheted were identifiable too.


  4. Skirnir Hamilton says

    Hobbies… I think my hobbies are couponing, cooking and probably volunteering. I really wish I could get someone to sponsor me some money and I could try and use coupons to buy hygiene items for the food pantry I volunteer at for about 6 hours a week. Saw an All You Magazine article, I think it was, about crowd sourcing, which would be a neat way to raise some money for a couponing hobby for local charities/to help the disadvantaged. Just bugs me that so many things can not be purchased with food stamps, things that are necessary in the US.

    • Yeah.. I used to do super duper couponing.. but no longer.. Not long after that stupid show came out, stores & mfg co’s changed their policies and it just pissed me off.. haha.. I didnt need much anyways. Still dont. ๐Ÿ˜‰ I have enough HBA to last a long time

      I thought of another hobby I’ve gotten into here & there.. Cake decorating and cookie decorating. Nothing extreme, but I took Wilton Cake Decorating classes a couple years ago & have used the skills a couple times.. and then this past Dec, I taught myself how to decorate cookies.. very time consuming at first but once I got a few techniques down, they went pretty quickly.. I quite enjoyed them too.

    • Oh I agree, Skirnir… you can buy Doritos on food stamps, but not soap. Pop, but not toothpaste. Candy, but not laundry detergent. I could (and I am sure you could too), go on and on…


  5. Yoga (as much as possible), organic gardening (did not buy any produce last summer and fall), baking (fancy stuff and simple). Those these keep me busy when I am not at work.

    • Ok, I have 3 yoga mats (from conferences), 2 yoga tapes, and 5 pair of yoga pants (that have never been to yoga) – I have considered it for a while now, Tatiana.


      • Now that is funny, Ann! I love yoga but havent been able to do it since my last knee surgery 4.5 years ago.. My knee is finally healed enough and I can put weight on it carefully so plan to start back doing yoga soon.. Used to be a favorite of mine as well.. โ™ฅ

      • It took me a minute to figure out what is “yoga tape”. I have unlimited annual pass to a yoga studio. It’s about $1,000 per year but is totally worth it.

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