Sweet or Salty?

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So, How's Your Weather?

I think from all my sweet wine posts as well as my professed undying love for chocolate candy, you all probably can tell I prefer sweet to salty foods. I love custards, tarts and ice cream! I am not, however, a big fan of chocolate desserts (I like chocolate-chocolate), and cookies give me pause due to the calories.

Salty foods we have in abundance in our household because hubby looooooooves salty! Potato chips, nuts, tortilla chips – you name it if it is a salty snack chances are my hubby likes it. But, in a twist, we do not usually add salt to our cooked foods (and do not add it when cooking or baking unless absolutely necessary) as we feel we get enough salt in our diet from cheese and processed goods (ever read those labels!? Yikes!)

We are sweet and salty – probably why hubby and I compliment each other so well. 😉

Are you sweet or salty?

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  1. I have to say both. I sometimes will alternate. Have a sweet snack first and then want a salty one, or the other way around.
    I do agree we get lots of salt in processed foods, but I can’t cook with no salt. I found out long ago there is no replacement for a little salt during cooking. The foods taste “flat” to me if no salt is used. A little salt is like magic in most foods. I don’t go for those salt replacements either, they have a gross chemical taste!

    • I am so used to no-salt-added, Shell, that I can really taste any added to a recipe. Sometimes I need to add it to a baked good, but I am at the point where for me, food tastes better without it.

      And yeah, those salt replacements just don’t do it for me either.


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