I Bought A Camera!

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A few weeks ago I asked for camera recommendations and help. I would like to thank everyone that responded!

Kim H sent me a few detailed email, and Aarn from Grocery Shop For Free at the Mart, who used to work at a camera store for years and years, also gave me some good advice, and I ended up choosing the Canon EOS Rebel T3i and the Telephoto Zoom Lens, along with a 64 GB sandisk.

The boxes arrived a few weeks ago. I opened them all and this is what I received:

I Bought A Camera!

Ummmm yeah.

I put off delving into the box for a few days. I am what is commonly referred to as electronically-challenged. Give me a computer and no problemo! I can do most anything necessary. Give me a phone, DVD player or, now apparently, an electronic camera, and my eyes glaze over and I am looking for the nearest 10 year old to show me how to work the thing. But, I paid all this money for a new camera, and knew I’d have to give it a go. Whether I wanted to or not.

I was watching Love It Or List It one night, and decided to open just the camera box and start reading the instructions during commercials. With such dedication to learning, is it any wonder I am electronically-challenged?

This was all packed into a tiny, little camera box:

I Bought A Camera!

Ummmm yeah.

I got out the booklet and started reading.

First things first, plug in the battery. That I could figure out!

Next, attach the lens. Long complicated process with several pages of instructions, and it took me all of 2 seconds to do.

Hmmmm things are looking up! Or so I thought.

I had to insert the SD card. I swear it took me 10 minutes to find the opening!!

After that experience, I decided that was enough for one day, and besides I rationalized, there wasn’t much I could do until the battery charged.

So, the mess sat on the sofa for two days while I waited for the battery to charge.

Ok, ok, the battery was charged in a few hours. I waited for two days to gather my courage and give this camera-thing another go.

I got the battery, read the instructions, and after a small amount of fumbling to get the battery housing opened, inserted the battery.

Eureka! I now had a (supposedly) functioning camera!

I opened up the back photo-thingy on the camera that shows the pictures and gives a lot of options and instructions (which I of course ignored), took aim and clicked… something. Apparently not the button that snaps a picture, because nothing showed on the screen. So I decided to snap this! And that! And the other thing!


Back to the instruction manual diagram.

Hmmmm after studying the pages for a few minutes, I figured turning the dial to “on” would help. Then, I located the actual picture-snapping-depression-button – which was no where near what I was pressing and depressing during my initial tries (hey, my choices were logical, truly!).

So I take aim at Mr Max and took a picture if his grubby ole self.

I Bought A Camera!

Hmmmm the subject may be scuzzy looking, but the real point is the picture is pretty clear! You can compare it to my Droid pictures above and see the tremendous difference.

Deciding I could do this, I proceeded to snap another 50 or so pictures, deleting 47 of them because they had “problems”. Apparently I still have to work on not cutting off heads and on centering people and stationary objects. This camera, despite my expectations, is not magical.

So with my new found picture taking skills well in hand, only one more item was on the list! Uploading the pictures to my computer. Now since this was a software issue, I knew it would be easy for me – and installing the software was very easy to deal with! Finding out where to insert the cable into the camera to transfer pictures to my computer? Not-so-much.

I scanned the camera visually. Nuthin’.

I touched every bit of the camera hoping to find the secret passage that reveled the hidden port!


I reread the manual, did a google search, went to youtube – all in the hope of finding the jack to insert the cable to connect the camera to my computer to transfer those three fabulous pictures!


I don’t know how I found it, but I do know that after 15 minutes I was about to give up. I think the camera-gods realized they had toyed with me long enough, and if they didn’t allow me to find that port right now I was going to be the proud owner of a Canon EOS Rebel T3i that sat in the closet and gathered a lot of dust.

And just in the nick of time, I found the teeny-weeny cover to the cable jack. Crisis averted.

Since that initial photo-shoot (hey, doesn’t that sound professional?) I have taken a few hundred more pictures. And they have – for the most part – come out fairly well. I am still doing a lot of cropping, but I think that will abate as I become more familiar with when to use the telephoto options on this lens, and how to use the real telephoto lens I purchased. If nothing else, these pictures are a lot clearer, and you all should be seeing much improved pictures on Ann’s Entitled Life going forward.

Thank you all for the camera help!

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  1. Good luck Ann. I too have trouble finding the spot to plug in the cord and I have had my camera many years lol! I must say I was rather surprised you bought a telephoto lens to go with it. That is mighty brave! I just stick with my little Cannon Powershot with adjustable lens ๐Ÿ™‚

    • It may be years before I ever use it, Shell. LOL

      I will tell you that I used the telephoto on the lens that came with the camera and the resulting pictures were phenomenal! You all will see those pictures next week. With that success, I may break out that lens sooner rather than later. Maybe. Possibly. Ok, probably not.


  2. Congrats on your new toy! Got to love that doggie! Will there be more pics of Max in the future? He is adorable.

    • Oh sure, Max is always up for a photo opportunity! I’d love to figure out how to use the video on this one, and film him playing kick the ball … he head-butts all the balls just like a soccer player! Funny and amazing at the same time.


  3. Ann,
    The photo of Max was perfect. I am electronically illerate. I can use a computer and printer but do not ask me to set one up or a camera, or a dvr, my XBox, etc. My son has to come over and do all of that. When I call him he keeps telling that I am killing him. He is only joking but now every time I call the first thing he says, before hello is Mom your killing me.

    I wanted an IPhone so off I go to get one. I couldn’t figure out how to connect it to my Mac to download music, pictures, anything. I never used any of those pretty buttons on the screen because I didn’t know what they did and I was afraid I would mess up the phone. My IPhone is now my IMusicPlayer. Isn’t that just ridiculous? I need the Maxwell Smart Shoe Phone, I think I could manage it.

    • ROTF to the Maxwell Smart Shoe Phone! Me too! I email stuff from my Droid and just occasionally download photos from it to clear off. Hubby wants me to get the Note II, but I hate figuring out how to add stuff to the phone address book.

      On the other hand, Sonny-boy has long said he is the only person he knows in his age group whose parents (me and Hubby) know more about computers then he does.


  4. Tamona Valentine says

    Finally! I was wondering if you had played with that sucker yet. That is a great toy Ann! OMG!! Finally I get to see Mr. Entitled food porn with great porn star quality!

  5. What a timely post! Right now I am supposed to be taking a picture of my car and sending it to my lawyer but I don’t know how to use my camera. I have had it for 4 years. Since I will be hanging out at my doctor’s appointment tomorrow I will take the user’s manual and camera with me. Hopefully by the afternoon I will have figured it out. I can’t drive over and ask my nephew to do it because I am on driving restrictions.

  6. Yay, congratulations Ann!! I see a photography course in your future! ๐Ÿ˜‰

    You sounded just like me about the camera instructions!!

  7. We have a rebel slr as well but it’s maybe the 1st or 2nd generation version. It’s been many many years since we bought a camera.

    You will definitely enjoy it! I only got as far as learning the f stops and such.

    • Thanks Liz… f stops is further along than I am! I am just happy to be able to take a clear pic. The very first thing I did was set for no red eye. I knew I’d need it! ๐Ÿ˜›


  8. Haha.. you guys are really funny… Seriously? Picking up a manual is the last thing I’d be doing.. haha.. I had to laugh at your having to turn the camera on… haha.. Priceless! Watch the cd video

    I think that pic of Max is AWESOME!! Way to go! I know you’re gonna love it.. someday. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    One other little bit of advice… If you want to save yourself a LOT of time & (battery) energy, get yourself a handy dandy card reader Secure High Speed All-in-1 USB Card Reader for all Digital Memory Cards and take your card out of your camera and put it in the reader to transfer your photos to your computer. I get mine locally from Micro Center and they cost about $8. I keep one everywhere I have a computer.. home, work, and one in my camera backpack just in case I need it when Im on the road somewhere.. They’re cheap, they’re easy to use & I wouldnt transfer my photos any other way. Its faster & easier to d/l all your pictures to the computer & delete them there when you can see them in a much larger & better way…

    Have fun with that camera!!

  9. Oh how fun! I am dying to get a new camera!! Haha- when I got my first camera, I could have written about this the same way. I was the same exact way with the instructions. Enjoy!!!

    • Thanks Mel! I have to say it has gotten easier, probably because I am using it very frequently. If nothing else the quality of the pictures on the blog have gone up tremendously!


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