Is It Summer Yet?

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Is It Summer Yet?

We’ve been back home for three weeks now, and the weather the first two weeks was very nice indeed. Temps running a bit higher than normal, lots of sun – very nice!

Last week Tuesday it started to rain … and kept raining … and kept raining… in the meantime, everything seemed to bloom!! I’ll have a traditional How Does Your Garden Grow post next week with all the purdy, blooming new flowers.

With the rain, unseasonably cooler weather arrived too. Figures. On the other hand, it is difficult to complain about rain and cooler temps when the people in the midwest have had devastating tornadoes. I sincerely hope you weren’t in the part of that destruction.

A small update to out sewer problem: there isn’t any real new news. The town came out and looked at the main (the part from the street to just past the sidewalk) and said there were no issues. That means the worst it can be (and this is a lot of worst) if from the house to the main. {heavy sigh} I called the plumbers yesterday to schedule some drains for the basement, and to let them know I am waiting (impatiently) for the price to do the sewer work.

Yesterday one of the landscapers was over to start working up a quote to remove all the dirt below the sill-plate, and to completely redo the front landscaping. I told him I liked the rocks and not much else in those gardens. And, I also told him I want (very) low maintenance. I also want cocoa mulch. LOVE. THAT. STUFF. It makes the soil so very rich!!

We are also due to have the railing for our banister installed tomorrow. It has to be fabricated in the house, so I am rubbing my hands with glee over the pictures I can take to share with all of you.

Yeah, I have issues.

And finally, Mr. Max is having a rough week. I’m not sure if you recall all his troubles from last year, but since that time he’s been doing quite well. This week he did a number on his upper back, and is now on pain killers and muscle relaxers in addition to his usual monthly Adequan shot. Poor little guy.

That’s the update from the Ann’s Entitled Life household for this week. How’s things at your house?

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  1. LOL That is a GOOD question With this job I have now… I spend less time here, doing nothing but eating, & sleeping for the most part.. Hopefully the overtime will slow down soon and I can have some semblance of a life again.. The money isnt even that great… however, my experience on my resume is gonna be awesome… and that is the only reason Im staying there for now. 🙂

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