Menu Planning: Do You Do It?

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Menu Planning: Do You Do It?

Hubby and I have been discussing menu planning again. Hubby used to be really good about cooking (and planning the menus), but since we returned from Florida, he’s been extremely busy with his rentals (retired my Aunt Fanny), and has had little time to cook.

I am the type of person that is happy to cook, as long as I have an idea about what to make. We tend to eat a lot of the same things over and over when I do the cooking. But, I am to the point now where even I can’t take the same thing over and over again, so I want to menu plan.


More like I want Hubby to menu plan some reasonable (my version of reasonable, not his) meals and either leave me the recipes, or give me an idea what he’d like in the recipe and I can take it from there.

We bought half a cow a few weeks ago (we were down to ground beef), and we bought a whole pig in April (hence the ham and bacon posts). So now we have a ton of meat, and adding in the CSA, weelllllll the freezers are full, the fridge is exploding, and while there is a lot of food in the house, there is really nothing to eat more often than not.

So, I am tossing around menu planning again. I’m actually bad at it, Hubby is very good at it, but I think the time has come for me to get better at it. I sincerely doubt Hubby is going to menu plan for me to cook. We both know how that would turn out… I’d see curry or coriander as part of a recipe on the menu, and totally freak out. (Ironic since I am growing cilantro, huh? Hey, I’m willing to grow plants for Hubby’s use – doesn’t mean I want to eat them!)

How come I never have planning problems when it comes to baking? I swear we should all stick to what we know and he should start cooking regularly, and I’ll keep on baking. But until then, looks like menu planning may be in my future.

Menu Planning: Do You Do It? Weekly? Monthly? Do you 30 day cook and just pull out things from the freezer? Or it is a weekly meal plan that is as you go?

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  1. I am the cook in our house and hubby does nothing except eat what I cook. I am not sure what you mean by menu planning, but I always know at least one day ahead what we will be eating, sometimes several days. That way I can defrost the meat. I just make what sounds good to me based on what I have on hand. I try not to repeat dinners too often, but I do have some meals such as spaghetti that we have about every other week. I don’t think I am being much help, but not really sure how to help you with this. Maybe you could sit down at the computer and make a meal plan monthly? Just be sure to consider if will have leftovers and will they be eaten as such or do they need turned into another meal. My hubby likes it if I can turn leftovers into a new meal. One of my favs for that is fried rice. It uses your leftover veggies and meat. I just add teriyaki sauce to flavor it.

    • That is basically what we are doing now, Shell, and it isn’t really working for me. A big problem for me is Hubby doesn’t eat pasta, so that let’s out a lot of casserole dishes.

      Annnnnnd — Hubby made fried rice last night! I LOVE fried rice. Wish he’d make it more often, but I don’t think he’s a fan of cleaning the wok. And the only reason he made it was because he cooked and I baked all day yesterday, and at 4pm he told me he was tired, and I looked at him and said, “No way. We cooked and baked all day and there is nothing for dinner!” (and there wasn’t)


  2. Ann Hunter says

    There are some things such as meatloaf and tuna noodle casserole we have fairly often. I’m amazed at how many delicious recipes I find on FB. I try at least one of these a week. Tell hubby that you want to plan menus, ask for ideas and pick a couple of things that you like- minus the curry & coriander:-) there’s so many fresh veggies right now that it’s easy to pick a side. And is since you like to bake- that part is easy!

    • I do like the meatloaf ideas, Ann! We have so much ground beef from buying that cow, and I need recipes! We have the one that dogs and humans can share that we all love. and my basic one, but I think exploring other options if a great idea. Thank you!


  3. I dont specifically meal plan most of the time but I do glance in the freezer and see what looks good for the week. I try not to cook the same type of meat more than once a week though every once in a while it happens.. usually in the winter..
    We love meatloaf around here too but he & I like different styles.. I like mine veggie stuffed & I use pork rinds to bind it instead of crackers but he likes crackers in his so I make 2- 1# meatloafs.. one for me, one for him. Tacos & taco salads are great to use up that hamburger too.. We dont eat a lot of hamburger but meatloaf is our main way to use it up.
    I tend to make main course meat dishes & then add veggies to them.. pretty simple and very economical..

    • Glancing in the freeze is what is starting this journey, Kim. There is a LOT of food in those freezers! Now I know we will take some down to Florida when we head south for the winter (OMG the price of meat down there… crazy!), but only if it is still here. Maybe I should mass-bake a bunch of casseroles?


  4. Sorry, but I’m no help. Husband has a sensitive stomach and not much of an appetite. Dinner usually goes like this, “What’s for dinner?” about half an hour after dinner should have been started. After a list of suggestions that gets shot down, it ends up a sandwich or fast food. Since our son works at night, it’s just the two of us and at least twice a week, I fix something for him and something quick and easy for me.

    • Dinner usually goes like this, “What’s for dinner?” about half an hour after dinner should have been started.

      Sounds like you live at my house, Marie!!


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