Pet Strollers

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Pet Strollers

A many of you have guessed, Mr Max is the most spoiled dog in America. And this last weekend left little doubt in my mind that this is a fact!

Hubby and I decided to go to the Lewiston Art Festival. It is a smaller art festival, and we enjoy it. We don’t go every year, but we do go as often as we can. One of the issues we have with going anywhere that takes us away from the house for half a day is we hate to leave Mr Max alone. Not because he has separation anxiety or because he’ll tear the house apart, but because when we go out for an outdoor excursion without Max, we inevitably come home beat, and Mr Max has just spent the last 4 hours sleeping. That means he is well rested and wants to play the second we walk through the door, and all we want is a nap.

We like to take Max with us whenever we can. Some places, like the Allentown Art Festival, are too pack for adults, never mind dogs or kids. But when we go to a low-key event like the Lewiston Art Festival, we can take him. Now if you go early enough and it isn’t too hot, most dogs do very well (bring water). It is when it is hot out and the asphalt heats up and the crowds close in that it can be uncomfortable for a small dog. Many a time we have carried him when things get closed in. Max likes this because not only is he safe and high, he doesn’t have to exert himself moving. I am not too thrilled with carrying him a long time, because he is hot on my shoulder, and if something excites him, he’ll scratch (not intentionally, but his nails, while well trimmed, are still sharp).

Soooooo with all this in mind, Hubby went out and got a stroller for Mr Max. He ended up getting one that is a kid’s stroller (flat and “just right” sized), and I put one of his beds in the bottom for comfort. We need an umbrella clamp as there isn’t a cover. It makes it nice and open, but I am sure that on a hot and sunny day it would get uncomfortable without shade. Pet Smart has a bunch of doggie strollers, and I think this one is a good candidate for Florida.

Now as you may have suspected, a doggie stroller resulted in a lot of pointing, laughing, and “ohhhhh how cuuuuuute”s. But, we were also not the only ones there with a dog stroller. There were several other dogs there that had one. There was also the cutest Yorkie that was in a pouch being carried by his owner (omg this dog was adorable… we were so ready to trade Max in!).

I am wondering if dog strollers are more mainstream than I ever suspected? As I said, this was a great way to keep the dog contained, entertained (Max passed out when he got home, since he was enclosed he was able to “take it all in”), and safe.

Does your dog have a dog stroller? Ever seen one? Any interest?

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  1. Ann,
    When I was almost 3 my mom had my sister the most beautiful baby I have ever seen, so fair and so blonde, and my mom would dress her up and put her in her baby buggie ( think 1966 no strollers yet) and I would dress up my cocker spaniel Betty in baby clothes and put her in my doll buggy and push her around. We were so cute, people would stop my mom and comment on how beautiful her baby was and ask me to see mine and they said mine wasn’t so pretty. I told my dog they were lying!

    I have never seen a dog stroller, looks great and if he likes it…WONDERFUL> If my current dogs growth in his shoulder doesn’t slow down we are going to have to build him wheels of some sort!

    • LOL Your poor doggie may have developed a complex!

      I hope your current doggie’s growth stops Debb. And I hope he isn’t in any pain.


      • The vet says he isn’t in any pain. My husband is pretty handy so we are already thinking about how to “hook him up” literally. when need be. He just got a nasty skin infection and the vet put him on antibiotics but he can’t tolerate anything because of his colitis. At least he got one week of antibiotic therapy in him, I think from now on, he will have to get shots and not pills. I am on top of this and spoke with the vet just yesterday and he is doing better, except now his stomach again. I made him rice and steak and he won’t eat today but I know he will when he is better. He isn’t spoiled or anything though, LOL.

        • What we won’t do for our poochies. 🙂


          • HI Ann,
            Funny how fast things can change. Just days ago my dog was fine and tomorrow he is being put down. He started having pain and the growth is now pressing on his throat and spreading to the other arm. He is not going to suffer, we are making sure of that. Hubby and I have been carrying him around since Friday night as he can not hardly pick up one of his legs now. I just showed hubby the pet stroller.

            • Oh no Debb. I am so, so sorry.


              • Im so sorry to hear your news too Debb.. 🙁

                • Thank you friends. I am also having my diabetic cat put down as well. I am planning on being devastated. it is like half of my “herd” but the cat now is terminal with pancreaitis and he is now throwing up blood and he will have a good day, every other day but he too can not improve and there is absolutely nothing that can be gained by an animal suffering. So in about 7 hours, I will have just 2 kitties, 3 birds and some fish in my fish tank. It is going to be really weird not having to dispense insulin every 12 hours, and my whole routine is going to be empty without my dog, so please say a prayer for me. I have not been without a dog to confide in since 1992 when I begged my husband to let me have my second cocker spaniel. This is now my third and I would run out and rescue another one tomorrow except hubby says no. I just love animals and especially dogs. I am sure I will find something to clean to keep myself busy and hopefully after everything around me has a 2 inch shine, I will beg my husband again. He just wants to be able to travel and such, I could care less, I just want a canine friend to share all my secrets with. God help me today. I am still carrying him, now both front paws wont work at all and his back legs just shake, but he is doing his business just fine and he was dreaming and he was running in his dream. Soon he will be running with my departed family on the other side.

                  • Awwww Debb (((Hugs)))

                    I have to agree with your Hubby – you need to let the grieving takes its course before adopting another pet. It was 18 months for me between my last doggie (best dog ever) and Max. I had to heal from one before the getting the next one. Travel with your Hubby in the meanwhile. Maybe in a year or two, you will come to a meeting of the minds.


  2. Bridgette is a chunky monkey, so no stroller for her. I have some friends that have two miniature daschunds and they are so cute and probably as spoiled or worse then Mr. Max. They can afford anything they want but they are always buying from Craigs List. They found their doggie stroller on CraigsList and paid barely anything for it. It was brand new and the dog that it was bought for would not get in it. I think they told me it was around $100 and the woman just wanted something for it, so they offered her $35. She packed it back in the box, tried to take it back, put PetCo said she had used it so they wouldn’t take it. She had no takers until Molly called and she was glad to take $35. They do this all the time on CL. They bought a brand new farm house style dining table. It had been delivered and put together, leafs, etc. and the people tried to live with it but it was too big for their house, so they put it on CL and Molly got a brand new dining table that she loves for next to nothing. I can never find any thing when I am looking.

    • How my craigslist never has anything good on it? I am in luck if I want a Russian bride or to share an apartment with someone, but nuthin’ else.


  3. Stephanie K says

    I live in a very small town that has a flea market on Sundays at the drive-in; there is always at least one dog in a doggy stroller. I do think it’s a common thing since I’ve seen them there for years. I confess to rolling my eyes, but I know myself enough not to laugh because, “There, but for the grace of God, go I”, LOL! I can just see myself with a little purse pooch once my kids are grown!

    • LOL You know what Stephanie? Even though it was me, I STILL rolled my eyes. Yes on one level I recognize where there are instances where it is best for both Max and us, but on the other hand…. come on, it’s a DOG in a STROLLER!



  4. My sister had a doggie stroller for her cat. That way when she and her dog went on a walk the cat wouldn’t be left behind. The cat loved being outside and getting to see everything but not in any danger.

    • I have seen a lot of cats in strollers in my time, and I always wonder how the owner’s get them to stay. It isn’t like cats obey a command or are afraid of heights or jumping …


  5. I think its really cute but I’ve never seen one in public or heard of one.. Im just a little bit out of the pet loop since I dont have any.. Not cuz I dont love them, but because Im allergic.

    • Ever try a dog with hair, Kim? They have pet dander, but hair like humans. Hubby is extremely allergic to dog and cat hair (just being around my last dog sent him for his inhaler), but nada with Max. The difference is Max has hair, not fur.


      • No I havent.. Im actually allergic to dog & cat dander.. I’ve thought about checking into a Mr Max doggie but you just answered my question.. I dont seem to react much to my next door neighbors West Highland Terrier but I always run wash my hands & arms after I’ve pet her..
        My daughter’s 2 doggies (1Chihuahua & 1-some other mix, I think maybe Chihuahua and Pit Bull LOL) They make me VERY sick, itchy, & wheezy.. I love the little buggers, but ugh.. Its almost instant hives, eyes & breathing problems. 🙁

  6. I have never seen a dog in a stroller but I bet it was so adorable. This is a great post Mr. Max sounds like fun, makes me miss my dog. Keep taking great care of him.

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