Morning Conversations Over Coffee…

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Morning Conversations Over Coffee...

Hubby and I have worked out a morning routine down here in Florida. He gets up with Max, takes Max down to do his duty (3 floors, and then out to the “grass”), and for a short walk. I wake up while they are gone and get Max his pills. I do this by hiding them in his food. I then give Max his liquid drug, and we give him a “treat” (usually a bit of held-back breakfast) for taking it so “well” (he no longer actively tries to bite the plunger).

Then Hubby or I make coffee, and we sit down at the kitchen table where Hubby reads the morning newspaper, and I check my email and the blog for any comments that need a response.

After our reading time, Hubby and I usually talk when having our coffee. This was our conversation yesterday morning:

Hubby (in a whiny voice): “I’m tiiiiiired Pooky. Why am I so tiiiiiiired?”

Me: “You’ve been doing a lot of work around here. The only thing I’ve been doing is cleaning up and taking Max for walks.”

Hubby: “Give yourself some credit, those liquor bottles are heavy to lift.”

Me: “WINE. Bottles. Wine.”

Hubby: “You should make a wine bottle that looks like a barbell, then you could market it as exercise equipment.”

Annnnnnd that is how our morning conversations go; marketing ideas and discussions about our state of being and exercise habits all in a space of 2 minutes.

Believe it or not, this conversation took place after a cup of coffee.

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  1. Stephanie K. says

    You guys are awesome! Thanks for sharing, you made me giggle.

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