My Hubby Is So Subtle

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My Hubby Is So Subtle

Hubby left me a marked-up copy of this week’s Publix ad:

My Hubby Is So Subtle

Notice that a big, round marker was used to circle his wants. And, in case I missed that, it has a giant arrow taking up half the page pointing to what he’d like to buy.

Here’s a close-up:

My Hubby Is So Subtle

When we went to Publix Thursday, he loaded six Kozy Shack Rice Pudding into our cart, and he fully plans to go back Tuesday before the sale ends to look for more long dated Kozy Shack Rice Pudding containers.

Oh, and while at the check-out at Publix I got a lecture from the 18-year-old-cashier on how I should always buy at least two newspapers for coupons, because I can use two coupons on B1G1 at Publix. She explained to me how the newspaper paid for itself that way, and her mother started to coupon and saved a lot of money, and if I tried I could too!

The whole time Hubby is egging her on with, “Yeah! you tell her!” and “PLEASE!! teach her, she needs help!!

Sometimes, I swear…

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  1. comment to the sublety, who doesn’t like pudding?? But definitely wanted to reinforce..that’s why we LOVE Publix down here! Friendly, helpful, coupon-educated employees who actually encourage and like to help us save $$!! Never any grumblers or complainers. It really IS a pleasure to shop there!

  2. Seriously Ann – if you would only learn to coupon…. bwahhahaaa!!!

  3. Wish We had a publix ๐Ÿ™ in our area, couponing sucks. No one doubles & we have no large chains except Wal-Mart ๐Ÿ™

    • Publix doesn’t double in Florida, Tami. They are otherwise very coupon friendly, and their B1G1 sales are fabulous! They don’t jack the price when it goes B1G1 unlike some stores *cough*Tops*cough*


      • Publix doesn’t double in Alabama either, so maybe they don’t anywhere. However, love that bogo is the half price, not ‘true’ bogo. And MOST exciting is that Alabama stores (don’t know about Florida) accept Walgreen’s register rewards as manufacturer coupons (which of course, is how they are labeled). Granted, this is not near as exciting as it used to be when Wag had awesome weekly rewards, but still a very nice bonus. And fyi…they don’t do the Tuesday or whatever it is 10% for 55 and above discounts (not that I would be eligible ๐Ÿ˜‰ ), because I think they figure everyone in Florida and coastal Alabama is old ๐Ÿ˜‰ … A great place to shop!

  4. All this talk about Publix made me think of my grandson. I gave him a play grocery cart for Christmas. When he opened it he said – I go shopping Publix now.

  5. LOL Thats funny that yer hubby was egging the cashier on.. funny funny funny…

    You should have made a paper airplane out of the publix circular and flown it back to him.. HE must be BLIND and needs those giant markings so he can remember.. The boy has issues. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  6. I think of you (and your hubby) every time I eat Cozy Shack pudding. YUM!
    Thinking I should have some right now-got some in the fridge, that maybe oughta’ be in my belly.

    And that cashier was ADORABLE. Who knows-she or her mother night actually be former disciples of CD&M. You really had a huge impact on a lot of people-more than you may realize.

  7. Stephanie K says

    I read this at work today and was giggling to myself. Your hubby cracks me up. I especially love that he encouraged the cashier, he is just too much!

    • Yeah, he’s a laugh-riot that one is, Stephanie. He’s gonna be very pleased with your comment!! He loves when people stick up for him. Makes me think I nit-pick a bit too much sometimes.


  8. LOL! Love it!

    Oh, and I have done the circle the ad thing to my son once or twice for when he goes shopping for his lunches at work.

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