Easy Cocktail Appetizers Recipe

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Easy Cocktail Appetizers Recipe

Simple and quick to assemble appetizers that are perfect for a cocktail party, or before dinner treat. These easy cocktail appetizers turn any meal into an occasion.

Prep Time: 5 minutes


12 Pitted Olives
12 Pearl Onions
12 Peppadew Peppers
12 Cocktail Skewers or Toothpick


• Drain your pitted olives, pearl onions and peppadew peppers.
• Pat dry.
• Once your vegetables are dry, insert the pepper on the end of your skewer and push down.
• Next, insert your pearl onion on your skewer, and push down.
• Finally, add your pitted olive.
• Serve plated on a bed of lettuce or a paper doily.

Makes 4 servings Easy Cocktail Appetizers

Easy Cocktail Appetizers Recipe

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These appetizers really are wonderful with cocktails. The olives (green or black), onions and peppers pair extremely well with a gin drink or a vodka martini. They are so simple to make, and present a nice change from chips or dip.

Note: if you like, you can substitute cherry tomatoes for the peppadew peppers.

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