Sunday Morning Shopping

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Sunday Morning Shopping

A few weeks ago I posted Sunday Morning Shopping making it very clear that I may not be out shopping on Sunday ever again (or at least not every week). This is a reader driven post having little to do with me – except I may run out to get whatever good deals you all post in comments. 😛

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Ann’s Sunday Morning Shopping

My plans this morning entailed a quick trip to CVS (then I looked at the ad, yikes!), Walgreens (only after I looked at the ad), and Tops.

Our first stop was Walgreens where we did quite a few orders:

Walgreens Order #1

(1) Nexcare $3.50
(1) 7up Ten $1
= $4.50 and received (1) $3.50 RR and one (1) $1 RR

Our area received a $1/2 coupon, not the 50¢ coupon, so no coupon use.

Walgreens Order #2

(1) Lozengers $4
(1) Dr Pepper Ten $1
= $5
– $3.50 RR from order #1
= $1.50 and received (1) $4 RR and one (1) $1 RR

Walgreens Order #3

(1) epson salt $4
(1) 7up Ten $1
= $5
– $4 RR from order #2
= $1 and received (1) $4 RR and one (1) $1 RR

Walgreens Order #4

(1) Nexcare $3.50
(1) Canada Dry Ten $1
= $4.50
– $4 RR from order #3
= 50¢ and received (1) $3.50 RR and one (1) $1 RR

Walgreens Order #5

(2) Peeps 18¢
(1) PF Chang Sweet & Sour Chicken $2.24
(6) Arizona Tea 2/$1
(2) Easter Bunny Money Bar Candy 24¢
(2) Nice Canned Seet Potatoes 32¢
(1) Peppy Rice Bunny 32¢
= $7.28
– $6.50 in RR (from prior orders)
= 78¢

Yeah, Hubby was with me. All of order #5 was his finds, but I knew he was going to do that and I planned accordingly. All together at Walgreens:

$26.80 in merchandise
$8.28 OOP
and I have $1 in RR leftover

Then we went to Tops:

I did a targeted strike and gathered for two bonus point gas card deals. Hubby looked at the Bison Chip dip, and the expiration date was 5/11/13. Since he is good for 1.5 – 2 per week, I only bought 6 for one deal. I may check again later in the week to see if I can get any late May dates and use the later date chip dip for both him and Memorial Day.

We are now up to $1.40 off a gallon, and Hubby’s truck needs gas, so I will be redeeming this week.

I checked-out, and was looking for Hubby. He has this incredible ability to get lost in a two aisle store, never-mind a 20 aisle Tops, and I was dreading the hunt. This particular Tops has a metal roof and cell phone reception is spotty at best so calling him wasn’t an option.

I shouldn’t have worried – there he was bobbing and weaving at the candy display near the floral department.

I called out to him, Hubby looks over to me and said, “You really blew it!”

Apparently, Tops has 90% off Easter Candy!

I hand Hubby my bonus card, and go over to the register to see what deals he found. He was so excited, he was like a little kid! (in a candy store 😉 )

Hubby’s Tops Order

(6) Niagara Chocolate Cards 70¢ (these weigh 7oz, so 10¢ per ounce)
(2) Godiva Truffle Eggs 90¢
(6) Lindt Bunnies 50¢ (these were 3.5oz, so 14¢ per ounce)
(6) Toblerone (7.05oz) 60¢
(2) Ghirardelli Chocolates 50¢ (these were 3.5oz, so 14¢ per ounce)

The price for all this before bonus card was $135.78
After bonus card $13.60

Needless to say that not only are Hubby and my grandfather very well stocked for chocolate, but Hubby got a fantastic deal on Easter chocolate!

How was your shopping this week? Did you go Sunday Morning Shopping? Did you find any great deals? Anything we should all run out for? Detail folks, details!

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  1. I did Sunday morning shopping at Walgreens at midnight but found out the registers did not turn the Sunday register rewards until 1:00 a.m. so I just stood by the register until it finally click. Unfortunately every deal was wrong and I didn’t get out until 2:00 a.m.
    Deal #1
    Morton Epsom Salts $4.00 (oop) with $4.00 rr

    Deal #2
    U by Kotex $3.99 x 2 = $7.98 – $2.00 que and $4.00 rr = $1.98 oop with $2.00 rr (2 of them)

    Deal #3
    2 Crest Mouth Wash – $2.99 = $5.98 – que $1.50 (2) = $2.98 with $2 rr (2)
    3 Comet – 59 cents = $2.37 – que b2g1 free and 50 cents = $1.28
    Total $4.26 – $4.00 rr = 26 cents oop

    Deal #4
    2 Listerine Mouth Wash – $3.99 = $7.98 – Ques $2.00 (2) 2 = $3.98 with $2 rr (2)
    1 Canada Dry 10 – 97 cents with $1 rr
    Total – $8.95 – $4.00 ques = $4.95 – $4 rr = 95 cents oop

    Deal #5
    2 Trident – 99 cents = $1.98 – que $1 off 2 with 100 bonus points
    2 Kraft Mac & Cheese 79 cents = $1.58 with 500 bonus points
    3 Glade Cones – 3/$3 – ques $1.00 (3) = free
    1 Downey Unstoppable – $4.99 – $2 que = $2.99
    Total – $10.75 – $6.00 ques = $4.98 – $2 rr = $2.98 oop

    Deal #6
    Downy Unstoppable – $4.98 – que $2 = $2.98
    2 Twix $1.79 for 2 – que b1g1 = 80 cents
    Total $6.75 – $2.99 ques = $3.76 – $2 rr = $1.76 oop

    That was all the damage I could do. I went home and passed out.

  2. OMG – I saw Ann post RUNNNNNN…. LOL I havent gone out yet but am planning on hitting Rite-aid for the Lysol FREEBIES and TOPS for the FREE dip, Cheap Coke 12 packs and the < $.50 2 liters… all good stock ups!

  3. How much were the Tops Chips at B1G1 and how do they taste?? Last week I scored Lays for $1.05/bag so not sure if I NEED more chips….???

    • Hubby said they were good as they were very thin and crispy, and he prefers thin chips. (How’d you know he tried them already!?)

      Chips: $3.99 (so $3.99/2 at B1G1)

      So $11.97 for 6 bags of chips, and you get 200 bonus gas points.


  4. Stephanie K. says

    My honey and I went to Rite Aid right after church and I was pretty pleased.

    (4) Arm & Hammer cat litter $5
    (3) Nice & Easy Root Touch Up $5.50
    (2) Hot Shot Wasp spray $5.49 for the first, B1G1 1/2 Off $2.74 for the second
    = $44.73
    -(4) $3.50 Arm & Hammer printables
    -(1) $5/2 Clairol
    = $25.73 and received (2) $3 UPR from the litter and (1) $5 UPR from the hair color

    I really didn’t want to get the wasp spray, but I had UPRs to burn and that was the only thing we could thing of that we needed. Still, I was please with the litter deal (anyone else love their cat, but HATE actually owning a cat?!?) and since my mom and aunt both use the Root Touch Up, you can’t beat $6.50 for three boxes!

  5. Tracy Harp says

    I have really been missing the Sunday morning shopping chats!! It is good to read about everyone’s deals. Sounds like Walgreens was the place to be today. Their policies make me insane…or maybe just confused, so I generally avoid that place.
    Bought just a handful of things at Tops this morning before I had to sit in urgent care with our 16 year old. Poor kid is on crutches because he has a stress fracture in his right leg and this morning he stumbled on his crutches and broke his small toe on his left foot!! His lacrosse season was already shot but this is just plain discouraging. Today is youngest son’s birthday so we will all be enjoying pizza and cake in bed while we watch tv next to gimpy, lol.

    • Oh no! I hope he doesn’t suffer any more setbacks, Tracy.

      And Happy Birthday to Tracy’s Youngest!


    • Stephanie K. says

      Your poor son! Hope he heals soon.

    • Oh no, Tracy tell Gimpy we miss him and hope he gets better soon! Happy Birthday to Younger Son and we miss him, too. I, too, feel that way about Walgreens these days.Although DH was planning on stopping at Ann’s Walgreens but passed it accidentally. I guess its ok, I mean, do I really need more Easter candy? Well, tomorrow morning I’ll find out 🙂

  6. Stephanie says

    Hi Ann – I am so happy you are still blogging:) I just did a google search and found you today. I want to thank you so much for doing the coupon contest back when you were in Florida. I put them to good use, I love Florida coupons!! I haven”t been couponing lately, trying to work through my stockpile of health & beauty items. Great job on all your deals! I might have to go to Walgreens though after seeing some of your deals.

    • I think a lot of us are eating through the stockpile, Stephanie. This is only my second time out since returning from Florida the 1st of March. We really need to make some in-roads in our freezer too, since we have no room in any of them, and are basically out of frozen pasta.


  7. Great job everyone! I won’t go near a Walgreen’s if you paid me, LOL

    I went to Sam’s for much needed meat & a few other items. Then Tops for dip & pasta & coke, Aldi’s for almond milk & baby lettuce. I’m good on produce, but needed lettuce.
    Just scanned the drugstores, and nothing really caught my eye.

    Tracy hope your son feels better & happy birthday to your youngest!

  8. I was gone all day today with family, no shopping here. Trying to eat up the freezer with picking up Zaycon chicken on Thursday. 🙂
    The chips and dip look good at Tops, but…… I really need chips and dip???? NO!!!
    And is that my imagination or is that alot of candy???? LOL!!!!

    • 1) It is a LOT of candy
      2) No one needs chips or dip, but Bison chip dip is sorta a “must have”.



      • Yes, for sure with the Bison dip! I will pick it up even though I shouldn’t eat it. 🙂

        • And I have never heard of Bison dip & I think that is a good thing! It sounds awesome.

          • Patti, people who move away from WNY and come back to visit relatives take CASES of it back with them! I have never understood why Bison didn’t take it national, but wow is it good. I don’t even start because I cannot stop!


  9. Wow! What a spectacular shopping trip! I plan to go to Rite Aid and CVS later this week and love seeing the deals everyone found. I didn’t realize how much I relied on your “Sunday Must Do Deals” to create my list. The other blogs don’t post deals like you did 🙂

    I think it’s great hubby likes to shop with you. Since he disappears from time to time while in the store, have you ever considered this might be going on? It made me truly LOL!

    Walgreens will open in my little town this summer! I’ve got to find a tutorial on how to shop there since you guys say it is different and “fillers” need to be added. Enjoy the week everyone!

  10. If you haven’t done the P&G rebate yet (ex 4/30), there’s a great deal on Venus disposables at both RA and CVS this week. There are two Gillette coupons in Sunday’s paper – one is BOGO, the other is $2. RA has the razors BOG50% with $5 UP on $15 (limit 1 UP). CVS has a coupon in Sunday’s paper 20% off non sale items and $10 ECB WYB $30 (limit 1 ECB). P&G rebate is $15 off $50.

    • Link to $15 P&G rebate form for those who may be looking for it.


      • Stephanie K says

        Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! Even thought this isn’t a “deal blog”. 😉 You just saved me $15. After my trip to Rite Aid that is listed above, I went to CVS where I bought:
        (4) Simply Venus disposable razors $8.79
        = $35.16
        – (1) B1G1 scanned at full value, $11.99
        – (1) B1G1 manually entered, $8.79
        – (2) $2/1 Gillette disposable razor
        – 20% Off regular priced items loaded to card from email, $7.04
        = $3.34 and received (1) $10 ECB

        Then after reading the comments on this “reader driven” post, I know now to submit both the CVS and Rite Aid receipts ($35.16 in Venus and $16.50 in Clairol) and make $15.00. Thank you, Ann!

        • Tracy Harp says

          I just added up my receipts for the P&G rebate and I am .65 short!! Guess I am buying razors or toothpaste or something today.

          Is anyone putting in their Tops online game codes?? Every day a new load to card coupon is available. Yesterday was $1 off Lucky Charms, today is .75 off Express salad. On Sunday I entered all of my codes and also “won” 2 Monopoly tickets. I am making sure to have a code to enter every day.

          • Stephanie K says

            Ugh! Yes, that was my plan, to enter one every day, but I totally forgot about it yesterday. Thanks for the reminder!

          • I haven’t even started load2card. I keep thinking I will forget and try and use a manufacturer coupon, but that is stupid thinking on my part – I should just load the TOPS coupons (and produce). Thanks for the reminder, Tracy!


          • Tracy, Don’t spend too much. Weggies has Olay bar soap, by the registers, for .69..and that’s after discount.

            • Tracy Harp says

              Ann, sometimes there are L2C coupons that don’t have available MQ. Like this week Snapple, 64 oz bottles, are 2/$4 and there is a $2/2 L2C making them only $1 each. My guys love SNapple so that was a no brainer for us. Once they even had one for a free 1/2 gallon of ice cream. It is worth checking out. I just wish their site showed you when you redeem one because it is too hard for me to keep track of.

  11. Tracy Harp says

    Oh, and Tops has the Olay bars for $1 so free and you get points for using a coupon.

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