Hang Your Sheers Damp

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How to avoid ironing your sheers

How to avoid ironing your sheers – if you hate ironing, here’s a great way to avoid ironing, and have crease free sheers without ironing!

Someone made a mess of our dining room sheers. I am not sure if it was the sun – that window is only two years old and is made with the UV e rating stuff. On the other hand, the sheers were a bit older than the window, so it could have been the sun and I just never noticed the wear prior to rehanging when the new window was installed. The tears were a big higher than Max could reach (by about 4 feet), and a bit lower than a human would have torn them – in a dozen places. I can’t believe I only noticed this a month ago. Who knows how long they’ve had the tears!?

Hang Your Sheers Damp

I was looking for new sheers last week, but that is something I DO prefer to see in person. The last pair were lovely… they had a gold and brown pattern that worked really well with our brown drapes and pale yellow walls. I would have loved to have found something similar, but as I was looking online I noticed this type of sheer was out of style, and when I could find it, each panel was $75-$100. *gulp*

I really felt I would need to see what I was getting at that price, and was resigned to heading out the door to shop, when I decided to give Amazon a look. I found these: 2 Piece Solid White Sheer Window Curtains/drape/panels/treatment 58″ x 84″ for $8.49 with free shipping. SOLD!!

I purchased four sets not knowing how full they would be. Heck no one would buy the material alone at that price, so I didn’t know what I’d be getting. I figured if the sheers were horrible, I could haul them down to Florida or give them to Hubby for a rental.

Low and behold they were not terrible at all. They are polyester, and a tad shorter (like 2″) than the 84″ listed (but since that is Max’s favorite window, that isn’t a negative for me), but for $25 total… I’ll live with them until I get out the door to look for some new sheers I will absolutely love.

To hang these sheers … these sheers had extreme creases out of the package. I washed them in cold water, and then hung them straight from the washer. Typically when I hang sheers, it is damp. Depending on the fabric, the weight will pull out most of the creases. If I have one or two creases left, a steamer takes them out fast. It sure beats ironing!

I ended up using three out of the four packages (so six panels total). If we didn’t have Max, I’d have hung all eight. These aren’t exactly full regardless of the size listed, but for the price, it is hard to complain.

Hang Your Sheers Damp

Do you Hang Your Sheers Damp? Or do you iron them? Or steam them?

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  1. Jennifer Garza says

    They look awesome!

  2. Always hang sheers damp. And if you purchase drapery panels that aren’t dry cleaned – toss in the dryer with a wet towel and hang damp. Then put your folds/pleats together and place a few close pins or binder clips etc (something with some weight) at the bottom and let hang for a few days. This will pull all of the wrinkles out. And then touch up. I have worked in window coverings for a great deal of time and this works. Also, if you have cellular shades spray with a static guard and just vacuum to clean. Push together and vacuum then pull straight and vaccum the shade, etc.

  3. Well, gee whiz.. I’ve always been an ironing kinda gal myself.. You learn something new every day! 😛

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