“Someone” Is Stuck In A Rut

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As many of you know, I have been a couponer and deal hunter for the last 30+ years. I have been on a deal-hiatus since my blog disaster in February. Yeah Coupons, Deals and More came back in May, but I don’t have the same passion I had before. Nearly everything I post there now has to do with online shopping and deals. I made the decision back in February to take a break – only my third real couponing and stockpiling break in the last thirty plus years. The other two eat-downs were when we moved. I didn’t want to lug a stockpile from my old house to my new house. So, this is my first hiatus “for no real reason” – well, except to eat down the stockpile and use up what we already have. I’m probably in for a sticker shock or two when (if) I resume couponing in earnest.

It is now September. That means I have been on this hiatus for almost 8 months now. Eight months of not shopping the sales, keeping a coupon insert list or printing printables. Quite frankly I have zero idea what has been a “hot” H&BA deal this year. I just haven’t been interested.

Now keeping all that in mind, Hubby wonders why I am getting miffed when every Sunday for the last two months as he casually peruses the sale fliers has has asked me, “Is there a coupon out for that!?” when he sees something that he feels may have deal potential.

My answer has been, “I honestly do not know. I haven’t been keeping track.” Unless it is something we use all the time, and a dairy item to boot, I am unlikely to know if there is a “coupon out for that”.

Now if he wants to ask me if there is a coupon code for an online something-or-other, that I probably know about! In 2013 I have gone from a brick-and-mortar-shopper who occasionally shops online to a I’ll-go-to-the-store-for-dairy-and-buy-everything-else-online shopper.

Am I spending more? Yeah. Do I care? Nope, not really. Most of my online shopping has been household goods and clothing related, and these items just cost more. They are durable goods, so can last 10-20-30 years or more. It is a completely different type of shopping than food or H&BA. Until we furnish our Florida condo, it is going to by my main concern.

I think Hubby is getting the itch to go back to B&M deal shopping. Since he’ll have to do the work (look up the ad previews, write up a game plan and gather the coupons), I doubt that itch will be scratched. He’s a pretty good mall and online shopper (much better than I am actually), so I can probably distract him with some shiny object related to tools while I hunt for plantation shutters and bedding.

But my real question is: when is he going to come to grips with my lack of deal-hunting and couponing? He’s only done both with me, never on his own, since we got married. He quickly abandoned all I taught him about coupon and deal hunting on our wedding day, and left it “to the expert”.

Is the fact that I was so passionate about savings so long something of a shock to his system now that I ended? Was it that much a part of my personality? I have gobs more time now that I am not chasing every deal we don’t need, and have been baking up a storm. That I know makes him happy. Since I am on extended couponing hiatus, it is as if I am retired. Or semi-retired. Or fired from my job. And I am not sure I’ll ever go back to “work” again.

I am not sure if Hubby missed “the old days” or was just used to me “a certain way” and is now stuck in a rut. I do know if we don’t come to an understanding about this soon, my Sunday morning responses to him when he asks about a coupon are going to be a little less polite in the future.

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  1. I guess he thinks he will be able to interest you if he tells you about a specific deal. I have to assume he will adjust in time. Let’s just hope it isn’t too long!

  2. I sooo know how you feel.. At least about not being fazed about couponing and deals.. I guess I still jump every once in a while but not very often.. Mostly Im deleting the coupon blog emails. There are a couple local I still like to read every once in a while and Staples is a must.. Its really the only deal shopping I do anymore.. and I do that for paper (M’honey is a printer & uses lots of it) and for school/office supplies that I can pick up for pennies for my Sorta-grands.

    I’d tell your honey.. “Go look it up & see if there is a coupon out there or not!”

    • I wish we had a Staples. We did the garbage bags deal online a few days ago. *sigh*


      • I guess I missed the garbage bags deal but I get mine from Costco anyways.. I think they’ve got the best trash bags of anyone around..

      • Have to laugh that we are getting deals at Staples. I seem to hit Staples (either online or B&M) weekly.

        When I read your trash bag deal Ann, I checked to see if it was still available (it is as of this morning) and then checked my stash. I still have 6 boxes from some deal I did, I think a couple of years ago. I am going to pass, but still had to check it out. Still hunt for deals, just way different than it used to be.

        Going to be interesting to see how your hubby adjusts to this change at your home. Keep us posted!

        • I wish we had a Staples locally, Patti. In Florida we can walk into the Staples store, so we are more likely to shop those deals.

          I think we still had 2 Hefty 60 packs left, but I can’t see garbage bags getting cheaper in the next year, and I haven’t seen then for that price in a long, long time – so, we pulled the trigger.


  3. Hi Friends,
    First let me say sorry for being so scarce but I just rescued a one eyed blind cocker spaniel that had 8 days before this kill shelter was going to put him down, and I am not one to resist a good challenge. I am relearning life without sight. It is amazing what this dog is teaching me!

    Ann, I have to wonder. Eight months is a LONG time. One more month and you could have created a new life SHHEESHE! I think he is stuck in a rut and I do think that you over dosed on couponing. I dont blame you, you did it for a long time ! I will admit there is something alluring about speeding thru the checkout with out having to wait for the customer service person to come over and argue coupons, nor to have to dig out the item and prove that you did indeed buy it. Sometimes I long for that, so I get it. Hopefully the new truck will help your husband shake that funk. I know last year when I traded in my Chrysler 300 and got hubby his new truck it really did help him.

    As for me, I coupon for the things we use. I do not chase deals , since my son has my car more than me, so I just concentrate on doing the best with the one shopping trip I make. My goal is 40percent and it does take me a little time to get it all together. I also will not go clothes shopping or anything without having a coupon but again, these are all things I use. My stock pile is just 3 shelves under my steps and it does ok for me. I dont have to worry about things going bad. But I did find a coupon buddy via CDand M, and that really helps me.

    You are at a point in your life where you dont really need a lot of stuff. You shouldnt have to know where all the coupons for this, that and the third thing are… Hubby needs to just accept this Princess part of your life. I am excited for you. Getting all those renovations done, and Sonny boys room and all that is great stuff.

    • Congratulations on the new addition, Debb!!

      “this Princess part of your life…” Ha! Well, I am the Pooky Princess!

      I need to look for a deodorant deal… we are down to our last three, and Hubby doesn’t like any of what we have, so I need to check that out. Next week our local grocery store has a baking sale, but I have found with all the baking I am doing I am VERY partial to King Arthur flours, and I’m not sure if I want to buy the Gold Medal on sale. This is really quite new too… I used to have a few brand loyalties, but now I’m developing even more as we cook so much from scratch.


      • Ann I totally agree with you on the King Arthur Flour and I keep it in the fridge and it does seem to last a long time and be very worth the few pennies extra. It just bakes with a great consistency and to use it in gravies and soup, it will not disappoint!

        • Hubby said it is “bromine free” (whatever that means), and that is why it bakes differently. In any event, I notice a difference and try and stick with it, Debb.


    • Bless you Debb F!

      • Thank you so much Patti please pray for me and Catfish. I am praying constantly when I am walking. Please God let this dog do his business…. lol. He is really wearing me out but it is a good worn out because I know, once he gets it, it will be awesome to have a dog that loves and depends on me like he does. I ask for your prayers because my son (Soph in college) does not want to be stuck caring for him and isn’t helping out at all, which translates into I will now have to do any work I do when my husband comes home at night. I cant just leave him . In time I may be able to, and I put him in a crate for about 5 minutes today. I am working at it. But for right now, I covet your prayers 🙂 He is so adorable and so appreciative of his home. I am not sure if he ever even had one before…

  4. Tamona Valentine says

    I have been on a hiatus myself. My hubby asks me the same thing. He will say do you have a coupon and I just give him the evil eye. Each week the same thing. I figure one day I will just turn and hit him with the paper.

  5. Tamona and Ann,
    Isnt it amazing though. Look how long it took us to get our husbands on board ( well in my case) with couponing and now they think we just automatically have coupons laying around everywhere, LOL.

    One good thing about having a blind dog is you cant have clutter it confuses them. They have to sorta get a lay of the land and they memorize the area and then when my son comes in a plops stuff down it messes the dog’s path up. So at least I am getting the two slobs, I mean men to stop leaving your blessed piles of crap everywhere. My husband then said to me, now if you could just get your coupons under control. So I gave him that same evil eye and I went and got a folder to put everything in. Don’t have any clue where I put that folder. LOL….

    • That is very true Debb, so many husbands DO take a long while to get on board with couponing. Not mine. He loves it! As long as I do the work.

      I hope you find your folder soon! LOL


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