Holiday Leftovers – How Long Will They Last?

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Holiday Leftovers - How Long Will They Last?

Holiday Leftovers – How Long Will They Last? For us, I would say the Christmas Eve leftovers will last at least 5-6 days – and that is just from what I know we didn’t freeze!

That is two shelves of our kitchen refrigerator. I have no idea what Hubby has stuffed in the garage refrigerator-freezer, and frankly I am afraid to look. We tend to use the top of the large garage chest freezer as a cold holding shelf when we have a winter get together (assuming the garage is around 40° or less), and I noticed packages of soup sitting on top of it this morning. This totally frightens me as my assumption is the garage fridge is full. I am also scared to ask why those soups haven’t made it into one of our four freezers.

This year for Christmas Eve dinner we had:

Panera’s Cream Cheese Potato Soup (updated picture coming soon!)
Baked Haddock with Horseradish Topping
Pierogi (flat, sauerkraut, cheese and potato)
• Corn
• Pea Casserole
• Seafood Lasagna – we got this recipe off the internet, and the ingredient scale was so messed up, Hubby had to rework the recipe completely. It was delicious though, so I may post!
• lots and lots of cookies
• And English Trifle – recipe coming Monday.

We ended up with only 12 of the 19 people originally scheduled to come to dinner (so many problems right now with people’s health!), so we have a ton of leftovers! Hubby set out containers after dinner so everyone could take as much leftover food home as they wanted, we brought some to my grandfather (he is not doing well), and then Hubby froze a whole pan of the seafood lasagna for us to enjoy sometime this summer! And clearly there will be more food making it to the freezer over the next day or two.

We still have enough food in the fridge to last use until at least Monday! I am not kidding when I tell you we will be well fed this weekend.

So, Holiday Leftovers – How Long Will They Last in your house?

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  1. I sure wish you didn’t live so far away. I would love to have some of your leftover pierogi off your hands. LOL

  2. I, my youngest daughter, M’honey’s Niece, & his great niece made tamales on the 21st so my frig was full of them till I took a couple bags out to her house on Christmas Eve and put the rest in my freezer.. All told, we (mostly me) made around 15-18 dozen.. They took up what little freezer space I had in my big upright freezer downstairs.. Thankfully, removing the ham I cooked for Christmas left a little hole down there.. haha.

    We really dont have a whole lot left from Christmas Day.. We’ve been eating ham every day & I think Im done working with it.. Gonna freeze whats left & use it in Black Eye Peas for New Years Day.
    Last night I made Scalloped Potatoes & put a little in it to season it.. and then we ate it on the side too..

    I’ve got 1.5 Cornish hens I need to do something with… Havent decided what yet.. Maybe I’ll make my grandma’s Chicken & dumplings or maybe Chicken Pot Pie. There is some broccoli salad left (not much) and there are Brussels Sprouts left over too. We’ll eat those with no problem. The small container of left over mashed potatoes I was going to make potato pancakes with disappeared.. Maybe I’ll find them yet.

    We have too much junk left over though.. cookies, a little candy, and part of a pumpkin pie. D will eat the pie and I’ll be giving lots of cookies to my Sorta-Grands today or tomorrow. D’s daughter brought Chocolate Covered Oreo Truffles that were OUT of this WORLD! I think I’ll freeze them & pull one out every so often.. They were amazing!

    Guess that covers my leftovers…

    • Kim right there with you on the junk…. I found that the jam cookies were FANTASTIC after they were frozen and defrosted. I swear I have eaten three – four per day since I defrosted them on the 23rd. Like my butt needs that. And Hubby has chocolates, and lots of them! I have had a few, although no where near as many as he has eaten. When the junk is gone, I’ll be quasi-happy; my waistline will be thrilled even while my taste buds will be missing it.


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