He Just Doesn’t Get My Problem

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He Just Doesn't Get My Problem

As we age, we seem to become more difficult to buy presents for, and I am no exception. My family started buying me Swarovski do-dads years ago. I have a nice little sparkly collection these days. Among those sparkly things are ornaments. Big ornaments, small ornaments, I’ve received them all. Some are from Lenox, some are from Waterford, but most of the sparkly ornaments have been from Swarovski.

While I will hang the large Swarovski ornaments on our big tree, I have never had any desire to hang the small ornaments ones on our Christmas tree. Not only would they look a bit lost (out tree is 9′ tall), but I have always worried about not removing them all when taking apart the tree, and breaking one or more.

I decided long ago I wanted a stationary “tree” to hang these beautiful ornaments on. I wanted to set it up in the living room, and leave it out year-round as decor. In my head I “knew” what I wanted – tree-ish, but not too tree-ish.

After 5 years of looking ALL over the United States – seriously, I hunted through through countless Christmas stores in 30+ states – I found the perfect tree stand for my Swarovski ornaments 3 miles from the house a few weeks ago.

Figures, right!?

So, the day after I brought the “tree” home, I went up to my office and got a box of Swarovski ornaments to hang on the tree. I know there are a few more small Swarovski ornaments packed away in Christmas stuff, but that box contained the bulk of what I have.

After I hung the ornaments on the tree, I was pretty pleased with my purchase. I can see the vision of what will be.

I told Hubby, “Well there are enough ornaments on there to not look ridiculous, but I probably need 10 more for it to look decent.”

His response?

“You know sweetheart, you should go start a gofundme….”

Somehow, I don’t think he is taking my plight seriously.

He Just Doesn't Get My Problem

That’s my new “tree”. Whaddya think? At least 10 more ornaments, right!?

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  1. Stephanie K. says

    I think it’s delicious! Yup, a few more would round it out, but it still looks good now. What a great find.

    • Shhhhh you are supposed to side with me and say at least 20 more! ๐Ÿ˜‰


      • Stephanie K. says

        Haha! Yes, of course, 20 more at least! What was I thinking?!?

        By the way, like Didi mentioned in another comment, I’m not getting an email to let me know of other comments to a post. ๐Ÿ™ I try to go back to look, but the email was much more convenient.

  2. I think it looks awesome. I love the style… I’m thinking 20 too Ann!! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  3. More for sure….

  4. Well – maybe just 2 or 3 more. That big bottom limb to the far right looks bare and it looks like there may be one behind that one toward the window that’s bare ๐Ÿ™‚ We don’t want any bare limbs and make them feel left OUT. Because then those limbs will be sad and droopy and make the tree look less than perfect. Tell Hubby THAT! ๐Ÿ™‚

    We’re in Southern Illinois and everybody around here has those blue bottle trees. I didn’t CARE for the blue bottle trees – so a couple years ago I made US a Love and Light tree out of a planted Rose of Sharon bush in front of our home. I put several of those sparkly charms in our bush – which is about 8 feet tall – and when the sun hits it just right or the wind is blowing and it’s sunny – that little tree just sparkles to beat the band … I LOVE that TREE!

    We’re retired also and have been for 12 years so I know how it is to have an old Geezer around that has his own ideas on things. Retired and being together 24/7 – THAT is when you know if you made the right decision 50 years ago … lol We DID! ๐Ÿ™‚

    LOVE your blog!

  5. More! (Says the woman with waaaay too much in every corner from everybody’s things including children who left home without all their stuff and things from her late father and late mother-in-law!) Generally, on a tree I live by “less is more” but, honestly, there are some lonely limbs. Now what would make it perfect would be crystal presents under the tree. Do they even have any such thing?

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