Just a Hunk, a Hunk of Burning Love

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Just a Hunk, a Hunk of Burning Love

My Hubby is a very affectionate man. I am not a very affectionate woman. It is kinda funny when you think about it, because hand-holding, snuggling, hugging, etc are pretty much ingrained in most women’s DNA, and 99% of all women would be thrilled to find a mate that feels the same way about affection. I sometimes feel bad for Hubby that I am not a hugger or a snuggler (although I am ok with hand-holding). When I think of all the women in the world that would have been thrilled with an affectionate husband, and he got me instead, welllll the poor man.

Now even though we are very different in how we show affection, and always have been, it doesn’t stop Hubby from trying to get me to come over to the dark side.

Saturday was Valentine’s Day and Hubby and I went out to lunch. Before we left, I spent some time getting ready so as not to scare the other customers. Make-up, and hair were done. I was curling my hair with an extremely hot curling iron when Hubby walked up behind me. Since I knew he was likely to give me a hug, I quickly said, “Don’t. This curling iron is 400° and I don’t want to burn either one of us.”

To which Hubby immediately replied, “It’s not as hot as my passion burns for you, babe.”

You gotta have a high tolerance for BS to live with my Hubby, but even I have to admit that one was funny and cute… and pretty quick-witted.

BTW I absolutely adore that Elvis song and am thrilled to be able to work it into a post title!

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