Best Vacuum Cleaner For Tile Floors – An Update

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Best Vacuum For Tile Floors

Last August, I asked all of you for some help with finding the best vacuum for tile floors. Since then, that post has become one of my most frequently landed on pages with people finding the blog through a search engine. Clearly I wasn’t the only person searching for the best vacuum cleaner for a tile floor!

Hubby and I ended up purchasing a Dyson DC 33. We have a Dyson Animal at home, and love it, so when Hubby found a great deal online for the Dyson 33, we took a chance on that model.

Well, I am happy to report the Dyson DC 33 is an excellent vacuum cleaner for tile floors.

And, it is now discontinued. Grrrr

So, because I was asked to update what I found the best vacuum cleaner for tile floors was, and my vacuum cleaner selection is now discontinued, I decided to shoot an email off to our cleaning service down here in Florida. The lady I contacted owns the cleaning company, and does go out with a team. They not only clean residences, but vacation rentals as well. I figured if anyone would have a good idea what the best vacuum cleaner for tile floors was, it would be a person that owns a cleaning company in the land of tile floors, aka Florida.

She told me: Oreck upright commercial vacuum. It is 8 pounds and they “will last forever, unlike any other vacuums”. She said they are about $200 at the Oreck store. Her email stated they had tried many other vacuum cleaners, but for the money, the Oreck upright (canister doesn’t work for them since they bring the vacuums in and out of houses all the time) was not only the best bang for the buck, but a workhorse too.

So there you have it. We ended up with a Dyson DC 33 which works great, but has since been discontinued. Our cleaning service owner recommends the Oreck upright commercial vacuum.

What vacuum cleaner do you use on tile floors? Do you love the way it works? Hate it? Details please!

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  1. Thanks for following up on this. I was actually wondering what you decided to do. 🙂
    Your idea to ask a professional cleaning service was inspired to say the least. A pro would care about performance AND replacement cost. I see that they work forever, but business equipment tends to ‘disappear’.
    Cost matters.
    I WILL look into the Oreck-next time I need a replacement. (Which will no doubt be sooner than ‘forever’)

  2. Good idea to ask a professional. I have had an Oreck before and did like it. However, I got sick of buying bags and belts frankly. I have a Dyson dc25 animal. I have had it maybe 6 or 7 years and I still love it.

    • Good point on the bags, Shell. We have the two, bagless Dysons and I like both very much. The bagged Miele is meh despite all the positive reviews. But the miele problem isn’t the bag (it is the lack of suction), and I can’t say I am ever thrilled to dump the Dyson containers. LOL


  3. I have linoleum floors through the whole house and I use the Dyson dc 33 also. I just told my husband I wanted a Dyson and he came home with that one. I just hated that with a regular crummy 80$ vacuum the brush would throw dirt at me which was actually painful if u vacuumed barefoot or with shorts on. I’ve had my dc 33 for probably 4 years and it still works as good as day one.

    • OMG Dawn-You just reminded me of something.

      OK-Who remembers this:
      Back in the ‘day’, vacuums were a luxury. (Yeah, really) And instead of vacuums, we had ‘flickers’.
      It was a rectangular device on a stick that you rolled across the carpet and the brushes ‘flicked’ the dirt and debris into a chamber.
      OMG-When I think of how many hours I spent using those things, it amazes me that I almost forgot about the.

      Who out there remembers these? No need to tell your age, we can figure that out for ourselves. 🙂

  4. I just Googled the 33 and you can order it from Walmart for 299.99

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