Garden Update, Mid September, 2014

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Garden Update, Mid September, 2014

Garden Update, Early September, 2014

An update of my garden in Mid September, 2014, US hardiness zone 6a, New York State. It is time for my bi-weekly garden update! I like to keep track of what is/is not working in my backyard garden.

My vegetables and herbs are just about played out for the season. I have a lot of peppers left, and to date we have used or given away approximately 40. I expect to harvest another 30-40 before frost sets in.

The tomatoes that I had set out to ripen are now either ripe, or done. Blight. Blech.

Garden Update, Mid September, 2014

With the removal of my tomatoes from the soil, came the emergence of my oregano! Out of all the herbs I planted this year, I think we have used the fresh oregano second only to the basil! I am considering planting more oregano in 2015.

Garden Update, Mid September, 2014

I harvested and dried the rest of my parsley yesterday, and then removed it from the ground. Even though it is a bi-annual, the second year isn’t as tasty and to be quite honest, I have enough dried parsley now to last quite some time! Still, the parsley was easy to grow and I will not hesitate to plant it again.

Garden Update, Mid September, 2014

We grabbed a few mums at a roadside stand for beside the front door. These are 14″ pots, and they were only $15 each!! (Yes, there is one on each side of the door.)

Garden Update, Mid September, 2014

I had previously purchased some mums from a local nursery that are a whole lot smaller (6″ pots) for $25 for the four plants. I think those biggies were a much better deal!

Autumn is definitely making its presence known here. It turned decidedly cooler late last week, and the nights have a nip in the air. Some of the trees have full out turned already (!!!) and it was not exactly cool here until late last week. I wonder if we are in for another crummy winter?

I still need to harvest my peppers, and cut back my blackberries bushes. I guess I will weed one last time (blech), and then post my final gardening post of the year in 2-3 weeks.

What are you growing in your garden this year? Tell me, How Does Your Garden Grow!?

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  1. Our peppers did so much better this year than in the past. I planted an heirloom cherry pepper the last three years and this year is the first year we are harvesting some. It looks like we will have three of them. Not much but I’m just so happy to have a few after a few years of failed attempts. 🙂

    Our basil did wonderfully this year, outgrowing the tomato plants, which really surprised me. I’ll be drying lots of basil this year.

  2. My oregano is being shaded by the broccoli so there’s no harvest for them as the broccoli in my part of the world will still be around till November or December. Unless the very cold winter they are predicting will hit sooner. (Jan. and Feb. are the coldest part of our winter here.) I don’t use pesticides so it’s a daily cabbage worm hunt for me with 5-10 picked off the broccoli and cabbage a day. Carrot seedlings all died except one who wasn’t overtaken by the cabbage. Apparently I did a poor job of planning the garden this year. The peppers are having a blast and some are turning red and the earwigs are getting tired of them. I’m only losing one or two a week now.

    • I think the same happened to me with the oregano, Marie, only mine was overshadowed by the tomatoes.

      I don’t envy you the cabbage bugs. Ick.


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