Aldi’s Landshut Riesling Wine Review

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Aldi's Landshut Riesling Wine Review

I went to a conference last week, and one of the sponsors was Aldi’s.

We were each given a bottle of wine, and the opportunity to get more if we drove (more difficult to pack for plane travel I guess). Well, I didn’t pursue that option since I thought this wine would be as gross as Two Buck Chuck (for those that don’t know, Trader Joe’s and Aldi’s are different halves of the same company). Biiiiiiiiggggg mistake on my part.

Today’s discussion: Landshut Qualitatswein Riesling Mosel (2011)

Vintner’s Notes:

Landshut Riesling (Germany) – This exquisite, well-balanced Riesling has a fruity bouquet with flavors of apricot and peach. Perfect accompaniment to light meals, desserts or simply on its own.

Note: I emailed an Aldi’s rep for the Vintner Notes. You can find the Vintner notes for all Aldi’s wines here.

My Notes (and Hubby’s too!)

The Aldi’s Landshut Riesling Wine is pale yellow in color. The nose is a light floral bouquet. VERY light. The wine is crisp and refreshing with a hint of apple, and pétillante at the finish (yes, Hubby speaks French… this means tiny, effervescent bubbles). I really enjoyed this wine! We served it very cold which may have been the reason for the light bouquet, but my goodness this tasted wonderful. Tried it both by itself where it was very fresh and fine, and with a chicken dish where it wasn’t overwhelmed.

Because I live in NYS I can’t buy this at Aldi’s (we aren’t allowed to buy wine in a grocery store), but when we head to our Florida condo, you can be sure I’ll make a point of locating an Aldi’s that sells wine!

Have you tried Aldi’s Landshut Qualitatswein Riesling Mosel? What did you think?

As always, drink responsibly and please don’t drink and drive.

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  1. Now you like Aldi’s for wine! Hahaha!
    Very disappointed we can not get this in NYS.
    My gf in FL buys their wine at Walmart.

    • As you can imagine I went in very prejudiced against this wine going in … and totally loved it! I am hoping we can get some on our way down to Florida. The nearest Aldi’s is like 50 miles from our condo, so we’re unlikely to drive specifically for wine.


  2. Well next time you’re in Ohio, you can load up!! You missed an opportunity when you were here last week..

    Im glad you found something at Aldi that you love.. I really am. Im an Aldi fan but I dont love everything there.. Im a Trader Joes fan, but I dont love everything there either..

    Maybe I’ll have to go pick up a few of those bottles for wild hair days.. I can handle a Riesling sometimes if someone else is here that doesnt drink reds which is hands down what I prefer..
    Also.. making note of the year of production.. 2011..

    About 2 months ago, I got a bottle of Burlwood Cellars Merlot 2011 at Aldi which is a Joe Gallo California Winery.. I drank a half a bottle and a few hours later, I went back & bought a bakers dozen.. It was the best Merlot I’ve had since the 2007 merlots.. I regretted not buying a case or two of the 2007s and I wasnt going to make the same mistake this time.. I may go back & buy at least one more case.. Its that good, if you like merlot..
    Saying that.. it doesnt mean that all the Burlwood Cellars wines are good.. You just never do know.. Wines are funny..

  3. I tried this because I was showing a woman from Germany all the German products at Aldi’s. She picked up a bottle and after trying it I’ve picked up many, many bottles. German Reislings are my favorite wines. I used to buy Clean Slate but I like the apple flavor and crispness of this better than Clean Slate and it’s half the price.

  4. Ruth Mangels says

    Where can I buy Aldis Landshut Riesling Mosel (2011) I live in NYS. Is thee a shipper in the USA who can send me a case?

  5. Drinking a glass of this as I type! It is absolutely delicious. I will definitely buy more. I have found some wonderful buys at Aldi…. cheeses from Ireland, Australian wine – and now this Landshut Riesling. Always worth looking there.

  6. I have bought many bottles of Landshut Riesling from Aldi’s. The first time I bought a bottle, I could hardly believe how refreshing it tasted. For the price, it is one of the best Riesling wines around, hands down!

  7. Mitre Ultimax says

    Then you have to try, also available at Aldi, Wine&Spirits, ‘top 100 value of the year’, Zum Mosel Riesling 2014. I bought a bottle two weeks ago at Aldi. Last night, just before close, I went into Iowa City Aldi & bought a case…it’s that good.

  8. Nancy Karn says

    I am a fan of Landshut Riesling Mosel. That said I must say that you made a big mistake buy making it a twist off. Twist off says’ “CHEAP”, cork says’ that it’s probably a decent wine. Most people who drink wine do not look for a twist of top unless they just want something cheap, because they’re broke, or low on cash. I really like this wine, but please put the cork back. Also the cork does make it taste better. Just sayin.

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