Matthew Fox Merlot Wine Review

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Matthew Fox Merlot Wine Review

Hubby stopped at Marc’s when we were in Ohio last week, and bought a bottle of Matthew Fox Merlot. It retails for $3.09 a bottle, and after my experience with Two-Buck Chuck, I was a tad hesitant to try another super cheapie wine – you can only scrub your tongue for so long.

Wow does the Matthew Fox Merlot give cheap wine a good name!

Vintner’s Notes

Matthew Fox Merlot presents aromas of spicy black cherry and red stone fruit. The wine has a smoothness that carries fresh red fruit and hints of oak through a long, lingering finish. This Merlot pairs well with pasta and other full-flavored entrees.

My Notes

E & J Gallo produce the Matthew Fox wines. We purchased it at Marc’s in Ohio, but I recently read that it is now available exclusively at Food Lion. Any Marc’s shoppers care to comment on that?

There was no alcohol content on the bottle I purchased, so I cannot provide any statistics. Smooth, no bitter tannins, a nice hint of spice, but for three bucks there isn’t a lot of complexity. This is just an very drinkable wine.

We will definitely be tracking down the Matthew Fox Merlot at a Food Lion when we are next in Florida. Unfortunately, the Food Lions in Florida closed, so we will have to pick some up in Savannah on our drive down.

Note: this post originally appeared on Coupons, Deals and More in August, 2011.

As always, drink responsibly and please don’t drink and drive.

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  1. I’ve had it & thought it was ok.. Dont remember where it came from though.. I think from someone elses house.. I dont think I’ve ever bought wine at Marc’s though I like to go thru their closeout sections every few months. I’ve got to go get Epsoms Salts which I get at Marc’s so I’ll see if our store has any..
    If your hubby just got it at Marc’s last week… then it cant be exclusively at Food Lion.

    I usually buy Burlwood Cellars dry red wines from Aldi..(around $6-$7) It too is a subsidy of J Gallo Wines.. The 2011 vintage they’re selling right now is really good if you like dry reds.. Last time there was a REALLY good year for them was 2006. I didnt buy a lot of them then other than what I was drinking and I’ve regretted it ever since.. I bought a case and Im thinking I should probably get another one or two soon.. Im not drinking near as much wine as I was for a few years there, but it’d still be good to have them on hand. Yum!

  2. LOL Oh.. I missed that! 😛 Silly me! I was thinking about where I got that wine.. I think it might have come from a basket I won somewhere… Lord only knows.

  3. Hilary Olson says

    We like this wine but it’s on close out in NC at the food lion. I have tasted many more pricey merlots but this was the very best pleasing wine at a great price.

  4. I think for the price, this is a good wine. As a Merlot fanatic, I find it quite refreshing. It has no labeled vintage or alcohol percentages. The appearance, aroma, and balance are average. The texture, taste, and finish are good. It’s better if allowed to breathe. Also, buy a few bottles to age in the rack or cellar. It gets better over the years.

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