How Does Your Garden Grow?

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How Does Your Garden Grow?

We’ve had some very strange weather the last few weeks… hot to cold to hot again. Last I saw – 95° predicted for this weekend which is, in my opinion, gross!

The plants don’t seem to be adversely effected by the wild temperature changes though. I have stuff blooming that I was certain was dead!

How Does Your Garden Grow?

We bought a bird feeder for the area where the dead plant was removed a few weeks ago. I still haven’t replaced the bush although I think it may be some type of bird’s nest evergreen. Hubby and I have to get on that next weekend.

The bird feeder is beautiful, but the top does not attach securely, and we are worried it will fall off. I think Hubby is going to have to trim up a wooden plow stake (those orange ones are plastic) and fix it so you can’t see the stake unless you are looking directly inside the bowl from above.

How Does Your Garden Grow?

This is a strange little tree. It grows on a dirt-island in the backyard with a few other plants and perennial flowers. It is just about the only thing left in the gardens from prior owners. We don’t know exactly what it is… some type of flowering Japanese tree has been suggested more than once. It grows these huge flowers that hang around for a month or so later in the year.

The lack of growth on the bottom branches is new this year. I wonder if it will fill in during the upcoming weeks?

How Does Your Garden Grow?

Our thornless blackberry bush is growing wild! I never trimmed out all the dead last year, I just took it back a bit so it wasn’t encroaching on the grass. I worried that it would stunt its growth this year, but so far my worries are for naught.

I still haven’t replaced the thorned blackberry bush we had pulled. I may do as Barbee suggested and wait a year to make sure all the shoots from the thorned blackberry bush are actually gone.

How Does Your Garden Grow?

WOW! It looks like this little bush that I thought was dead really had me fooled! Now it is flowering!? I wonder what it is!

How Does Your Garden Grow?

This is so weird to me. These are on opposite sides of the front yard – one grows beautifully (that rounding is natural), the other side seems to not grow at all. It may be time to pull those non-performers, and replace them with something else.

So, how does your garden grow? Are you planting one this year? Sticking with a CSA? A flower or herb garden perhaps? What’s happening in your green-world?

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  1. LOVE the bird bath. Very pretty. Just don’t put water in it-it might attract those messy, noisy birds. 🙂 LOL

    Interesting about those round bushes. That is so weird! Could it be possible that the small pair are getting different light or water or heat? The one pair is so pretty, I don’t blame you for wanting to replace the others. I would too.

    P.S. I’m interested in knowing what the mystery bush is too. I really like the reddish/chocolate bronzed look to the leaves, I think it would look great planted next to a paler green or variegated plant. You think so?

    Here in Dallas we’re having a rather mild spring (‘cept for the tornadoes, of course) temps have been really nice-only 2 days 90 or above so far-so I’m happy. The bugs are happy too. -I get the WORST bug issues. Now it’s spider mites. I try to grow organic but every day that passes finds me more and more leaning toward chemicals. (Maybe if all my neighbors grew organic it would work, but so far it’s a total bust. I should just call my backyard: “The Bug Banquet”.)

    • LOL Yeah no water in the bird bath. It actually has a hole in the bowl that we’d have to plug for it to hold water, so this is truly ornamental.

      The first year those round bushes grew pretty well on both sides. Then year 2-3 less and less and now the small ones are just a mess. Time to bail on them.

      LMAO “the bug banquet”! Poor Barbee.


  2. If I were to guess, I would say that your smaller plants are getting more shade than the other two. Take note of the light/shade before you replace them. You may want a part shade plant.

    I have been super busy in the veggie garden. Things are coming along. Just don’t look at the rest of my yard, the bushes they all need to be trimmed and the flower beds weeded.

    • The propellers dropped. I have to get out and gather them before I have 1000 little trees growing in the yard. Argh! Yardwork!


      • The maple tree propellers only bother me right by the down spouts, in the flower bed, all the places the mower doesn’t go. By I did save one and planted him in a pot thinking I might try my hand at bonsai, but I didn’t have the heart.

  3. Update for those inquiring minds on the lemon balm. The pot sits a couple feet away from me when I sit on the porch. A mosquito buzzed me, so the plant just sitting there does nothing. I grabbed a leaf and rubbed it on the tops of my arms and feet and he landed right on my foot. The next time one came looking for a meal, I crumpled the leaf to release the smell and I guess natural oils and rubbed one leaf for each arm. He flew around a minute or two more and left. My husband is extremely tasty to mosquitoes, so next time I will see if I crush a couple leaves and set them on the table between us to see if we actually have to wear it.

    Planted tomato plants and like usual, one is always a ritual sacrifice to the bug gods. Ate all but one leaf and left the rest alone. The 3 kinds of pepper seeds haven’t come up yet. The onion are happy. The carrots are coming up. The “stick” still has green leaves, but they aren’t getting any bigger. The rose bushes are full, the dianthus is gorgeous and the daisies are on their way out. And I found a walnut tree growing in an outdoor pot of tomato seedlings thanks to the squirrels.

    • Thanks for the Lemon Balm update, Marie. I need to replace a few plants, so I may look into that one.


  4. I love the bird bath! I really need one of those thornless blackberry bushes too 🙂

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