Household Coffee Station

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We are currently down in Florida at our condo. We will be here for a few months, doing renovations, buying furniture, and generally setting the place up so that, beginning in 2015, we can just sit back and relax while laying on the beach.

This place is about a third of the size of our house in New York State, and that means we have to make quite a few compromises on things we “need”. One thing we can’t do without though, is our excellent coffee maker. Well, I can’t be without it. Hubby likes to use our coffee maker in the morning, but he was on a K-cup kick in the evening before we came down south, and he continued with an evening K-cup once we arrived down south. The main problem with having two coffee makers is we have very little counter space in this condo kitchen. It is set up in two layers – one to work on, one to eat at if you so choose. Well, hubby doesn’t choose. He’s decided to line up the coffee pots there instead. To say it was a bit disorganized this past week is an understatement.

The other day Hubby was in Big Lots and bought this coffee caddy for $15:

Household Coffee Station

I can’t find the coffee caddy he purchased online, but this one at Amazon for $20 is pretty close.

The pods are underneath in a pull out drawer, I bought a sugar holder and Hubby put his Splenda and some coffee stirrers in it and that, and the K-Cup machine, now sits on top of the coffee caddy. I have to say, I really like this set-up. I think I’ll buy a tray for the grinder and the other coffee maker, and to put a few mugs there too and then everything will be very organized, less spread out, and it will make better use of our very limited counter room.

Do you have a coffee station in your home? What makes it up? (If you want to upload a pic to your comment, let me know and I can make it happen!)

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  1. I also have a hubby who drinks a pot of coffee from a coffee maker in the morning, but has a kcup habit at night. I have one on either side of the kitchen sink. The Keurig doesn’t have anything set up with it. The regular pot has a tray with cane sugar for me and honey for hubby. I also some mugs on a tree. The kcups are in the boxes they come in and displayed in a big grocery store rack that is part of my kitchen. I have seen those drawers before and almost bought one, but realized the Keurig won’t fit under my cabinet if I had one.

    • Ohhh mugs on a tree! I will make sure to look for one, and make sure it can fit on the tray. Thank for the idea, Shell!


  2. lol.. we have coffee makers on both sides of the sink too.. a Keurig for me, Gavalia for him.. I like my coffee strong & kick you in the head and he likes his pretty wimpy and watered down.. this solves that!
    I keep most of our K-cups in the top basket of a 3 tier rolling cart with baskets instead of shelves.. I have teas in another basket on top of a cabinet..
    And btw.. Do you guys know about San Francisco Bay Coffees from Amazon? I pay .32 cents apiece for them.. Love their coffees.. If I’ve already mentioned this.. sorry.. 🙂

    • I will tell Hubby about them, Kim, but neither one of us are kick-in-the-head coffee drinkers. We are more medium to light roast coffee drinkers.


      • Oh, they have quite a few different blends… I like the FogChaser blend.. Stay away from it.. 😉
        The others are good too.. I get the decaf for night drinking every once in a while.. They’re made from recyclable materials too (paper cloth instead of a plastic cup) and fair trade as well.. and cheaper than other cups.. I like em! 😉

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