Does Your Spouse Like To Shop?

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Does Your Spouse Like To Shop?

Earlier this week I was telling Hubby that Max had a groomer appointment. Hubby’s response was, “YAAAAAY Pooky!!”

I asked him why he was so happy Max was being groomed, and Hubby’s immediate response was, “Because we can go shopping!”

Believe me, I wasn’t anywhere near as thrilled as Hubby to go out and shop. I’ve shopped enough the past two months for things for this condo to last me a lifetime. But, we did needed a few kitchen pans, and a few things for the guest bedroom, so I knew we would be heading over to the St. Augustine Factory Mall outlets.

In our household, Hubby is definitely the one that likes to shop, and I am the one dragged kicking and screaming into a department or big box store.

So tell me, who is the shopper in your family? You, or your spouse/significant other?

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  1. 100% me. If my hubby is with me when I am shopping, he usually stays outside and smokes cigarettes while he waits for me.

  2. Other than food-only from the comfort of his LZ Boy recliner.
    Mine is an : Internet shopper. Boy-o-boy does he enjoy internet shopping. 🙂

  3. Neither one of us likes to shop. We go shopping when we absolutely have to and then it’s usually in and out of the store we need something from. I can’t understand how people just wonder aimlessly through a store or mall.

  4. We always go out together so he can get out of the house. I like to shop, take my time, look around, compare prices and sizes. Alas, my husband wants in and out as fast as possible.

  5. We both hate to shop & we both love to shop.. It really just depends on where & what kind of shopping it is.. I enjoy clothing/dept store shopping more than he does.. he hates it.. and he enjoys Christmas shopping more than I do, I hate that! Neither of us really like to grocery shop but we must or we die..
    We both like to shop online.. Amazon & Ebay love us both.. Ebay loves him more.. and Amazon may love us about equally.. I tend to buy low end products (vitamins,coffee books), but he buys high end gifts there a few times a year.
    He likes to go to Sears or other outlet type places and he likes going into kitchen stores too.. He loves Harbor Freight & I actually enjoy it as well.. all my years as an electronics tech has made me a tool lover.. and Harbor Freight is a cheap tool lovers dream He tends to do Home Depot type shopping on his own too though sometimes he does drag me thru the isles.. literally.. I have to run to keep up with him. lol..
    I love to mosey around in the Dollar Tree.. him, not so much.. He likes to wander around Big Lots & Im the opposite..
    Wen we still were raising kids, we used to do all the shopping together but over there years, things changed and most of the time we dont..
    We’ll go to the Home & Garden show this weekend or next & he’ll have a blast buying stuff.. I think hes insane when he does this.. but I’ve come home with some really awesome “Valentines” gifts from him because of it.. I dont enjoy spending my money at this place, but he does.. And Im glad! 😉

  6. My husband hates to shop! One year when I decided on a “real” Xmas tree, he was online ready to shop for one! I told him no way. Same thing with buying a lawnmower! We’ve had a Menards here for a couple of years now and was finally able to get him in there only because our closet light died and I was bound and determined that I would live with it until he decided to go shopping! It took several weeks! But it was in and out, no looking around!
    Seriously, what man doesn’t enjoy a hardware type store?

    • Menard’s is, hands down, my Hubby’s favorite store. If we had one close, I’d never, ever see him. You husband must REALLY hate shopping, Pauline!


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