Two Months Until Christmas

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Two Months Until Christmas

This past weekend marked the Two Months Until Christmas mark for 2014. Oh goodie. Why does time fly so fast now that I am an adult, yet it crawled when I was kid waiting for the holidays?

I am no more prepared today than I was three months ago. All my good intentions have flown out the window. I am truly going to have to buckle down this week and finish up the 15 Days of Holiday Cookies which I actually switched to 15 Days of Holiday Sweets (because I had more ideas for non-cookies than cookies this year!) posts in the next two weeks.

Oh, and something else I did was put together a Holidays page on Ann’s Entitled Life. It can be found in the red navbar under the header. I figure I do a fair amount of holiday posts, so why not? All that is left is to get the summer holidays input. I did it like the Recipes page with the very popular photos you can click on to be taken to the post.

Now, on to my preparations…

We still haven’t gone through the stuff in the basement that we moved around after the water issue. We had disposed of two trees at that time of the initial clean-up when the boxes got wet, but we had a third one in a plastic bin. It should be fine, but I might be running out yet to purchase a new tree one next month.

I also planned on donating a lot of items we no longer use in those decoration bins. Sonny-boy could not possibly care less about Christmas, so I am not saving much of anything for him. Possibly a few things from his childhood (and mine) as he may feel differently once he gets married and has children. But again, we need to actually go through the stuff!! And Hubby’s mother is coming for Thanksgiving, so that is a week I will not have to do sifting and set-up.

It is years like this when things will be in crunch-time that I am glad I prepare and freeze cookies and pieogi early. We have a seafood lasagna in the freezer too, so very helpful. I may push Hubby to make the potato soup earlier rather than later… Well, I guess I know my menu at least!

I also believe our attendance will be smaller this year, so we can head to the dining room instead of breaking down the family room for our sit down dinner. IF that happens, wow will life be easier!

On the gift front… I shop at the ATM, so no issues. I need something for my parents, Sonny-boy and my brother’s SO’s son (who is 11 and likes gifts), and Hubby. And Hubby will probably pull something again where he tells me what he wants, and then he orders it 3 days before Christmas. **looking for the head banging gif**

I hope to have next month’s “One month until Christmas” post go something like this: everything is ready!!

But I doubt it.

So, how are your holiday preparations going!? Started yet? Finished already?

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