Garden Art

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Garden Art

Many people have Gnomes, bugs, and rocks in their garden, and instead of pests, they call it garden art! I know we have a good deal of garden art in our gardens – from bird baths to Gnomes to rocks to pinwheels, the Ann’s Entitled Life household’s garden has it all! I guess that is what happens when you don’t like to grow annuals because they are too much like work. A perennial garden – which includes garden art – is what I have striven for over the years.

The little ducklings and their mother were purchased at the Lewiston Art Festival a few years back. I bought mama and one baby one year, and the next year went back for a few siblings.

Garden Art

My mother did ceramics for a long time, and we were the recipients of her largesse.

Garden Art

I spotted this metal pinwheel at a local garden nursery last month, and just had to have it! It ads a spot of color and whimsy among the green.

Garden Art

Hubby brought home a piece of tubing to fix the issue of the bird bath top not adhering to the bottom. It was quite ingenious, and I look forward to sharing his solution with you!

Garden Art

And of course our wonderful Art Festival Finds of earlier this month! The flower above

Garden Art

And the buffalo.

We have a few more rocks and whimsical bugs in the gardens, but what I have pictured here is the bulk of the garden art at our house. I really enjoy adding new pieces, and am always sad when Mother Nature, and the occasional stone thrown while lawn mowing, forces me to part with an old piece.

What garden art do you have in your garden?

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  1. Ann, I love your garden art, it is really pretty and fun. When I worked for the city we had a Gnome that you got to keep for a month if you came up with a idea that was cost saving. You had to return him accessorize. I have seen him with scarves, bandanas, necklaces, hats and sunglasses, etc. you couldn’t alter him only accessorize him.

  2. I love your ducks.. super cute!

    The closest thing to garden art I have is chimes hanging on shepherds hooks, a metal bicycle planter, a few decorative stepping stones, and a few orbs about the size of baseballs tossed here & there.. not many.. just a few.. but ya cant see em anyways cuz its such a jungle in there..

    • Do you know… we don’t have wind chimes! I have always wanted some but never found the exact tone that I wanted. Someday ….


      • I have several.. M’honey & one of his buddies made me the largest one I have.. It actually sounds beautiful.. They did a great job!! Another, M’honey won for me at a Folk Festival in a silent auction.. .and another one I actually got from Walgreens It has a large gorgeous Smiling Sun Face and that always reminds me of my sister who has passed on.. It was one of those serendipitous moments when I found it and it had to come home with me..

        I forgot.. I have a big ol frog and a turtle who find their way around our place.. They’re both about the size of a baseball.. The Frog is actually a water sprinkler.. I have a copper & bead flower water sprinkler too.. These are junk.. not garden art. haha

  3. Michele K says

    I have all kinds of different things laying around my country house garden and weird part is a lot of the things have come straight out of the dumpster, well they were set on the lid and I happened to be at the recycling center at the right time. My favorite piece is an angel statue. She had a broken off wing but found it in a box that was right on top in the dumpster. My second favorite dumpster find is a turtle. And my next favorite is a garden cart, there was nothing wrong with it an it saved me $50 cause I was planning on buying one soon.

  4. stevebethere says

    Oooh! love the garden art, fabulous!

    Have a gardentastic week 😉

  5. Karren Haller says

    I love garden art, my daughter is creating bird baths & bird feeders with dishes, vases and plates. They make great garden art!!

  6. Alissa Apel says

    We have a lot of huge rocks and Lepidodendron that my husband found as a child. My husband makes sculptures, but he needs a huge commission before he can pay to make for for our own yard.

  7. Great garden art. I think I like the first one the best, although the buffalo is cool too.

  8. I really love the colorful flower!

  9. I love the pinwheel, what beautiful colors! Our garden art right now consists of just a few interesting rocks and a huge piece of driftwood. It’s been a work in progress for about 4 years now….lol! =)

  10. I love the pinwheel! I just made a butterfly feeder/bird bath with terra cotta pots this past weekend. I am working on making a glass flower too.

  11. Charlotte says

    Love the ducks and the pinwheel! Thanks for linking up! x

  12. NYCSingleMom says

    I wish I had a garden but if I did I go with the iconic gnomes. I just love them.

  13. When I saw the gnomes I instantly thought of my grandmother. Her entire backyard is filled with gnomes.

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