Fruit Ice Cubes

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Fruit Ice Cubes

After Hubby and I made the Fruit Cut Outs for drinks, Hubby wanted to figure out a way to improve upon them so we could have a handy supply that were made ahead of time if we were hosting a large event. Hubby wanted to try making fruit ice cubes; fruit cut out ice cubes. He thought the fruit cutouts frozen inside the ice would be better for make ahead events like parties and family get-togethers. I can’t disagree, and these were super easy to do too!

Fruit Ice Cubes

You want to start here and make the fruit cut outs. With the oranges, Hubby removed the pith so they wouldn’t be bitter. This also made the cutouts a lot thinner and they did float a bit, so next time we do this we will stick to limes and lemons and leave some of the fruit.

Fruit Ice Cubes

Place one fruit cut out into each compartment of a clean ice cube tray.

Fruit Ice Cubes

Slowly fill the ice cube tray almost to the top with water.

Fruit Ice Cubes

If any of the fruit cutouts flip over, right them so the rind faces top.

Fruit Ice Cubes

Place the ice cube trays in the freezer, and allow to freeze completely.

Fruit Ice Cubes

This is the result! (Hubby couldn’t wait until I took a picture before he tried these.)

Fruit Ice Cubes

A fun party ice cube (we used them for everyday living). They did add a touch of flavor, the lemons with the fruit-meat on them more so than the oranges that were just pure rind. Keep that in mind when deciding which fruits and beverages to pair together.

We will definitely be making them again! They were easy to do, and simple to make ahead.

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  1. Morning Ann,
    The cubes are really cute, but I was looking for the ‘sea food soup’ recipe you teased in you E-Mail blast.
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  2. Very nice!

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