Spring Has Sprung

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Spring Has Sprung

We’ve been back home in Western New York for a little over three weeks now. The first two weeks the weather was beautiful! Temperatures in the 60s, little rain and it looked like February was just a bad dream for the north. Then, five days of icky weather hit. Rain, cold temperatures (one night it hailed!), and generally cruddy conditions prevailed.

You’d have thought we entered the next ice age to hear people complain! Shesh.

But the last few days have been glorious! This weekend it was 75° out, clear skies, light breeze, so Hubby and I decided to take a ride north. All the fields are plowed, and the farmers didn’t let a few days of cruddy-spring weather stop them from prepping, and in some cases, planting, for crops.

Our lawn guys cut our lawn the other day, and boy did it need it! It is green and growing!

My blackberry plants have sprouted. I was worried that they had died with the horrible February weather as one was new, and the other was recovering from the damage done to it when we had our new roof put on.

I thought I had a clear planting plan for this year (the chives are huge, the chamomile is showing no signs of life, and my ground cover is, er covering), but am still wishy-washy about what to grow. I am going to grow a pot of basil, probably some peppers and green beans, but the wheres and hows are a little fuzzy at the moment. Filling out the rest of my garden is something I need to decide fairly soon, however.

I’m still trying to talk Hubby into planting rhubarb on his land. And he is still resisting. I think I will look into the whys and wherefores of rhubarb, and grow it here. We shall see.

The patio is cleaned up, the dead leaves all raked off the lawn and the front of the bushes. The back is compost. We do need to see what died this past winter as we had new landscaping put in last year, and young plants don’t always survive a bad winter.

All that remains if to bring up the patio furniture from the basement, and put up the table umbrella and inset the table squares.

Has spring sprung in your area!?

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