Spring Cleaning Tips

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Spring Cleaning Tips and ideas for a faster, easier, more thorough spring clean. Use these 8 great spring cleaning tips to help make your major housecleaning easier.

Spring Cleaning Tips

Do you spring clean? And by that I mean deep cleaning that you do not do on a regular basis? Do you get out the rags and buckets and scrub the walls, wax the furniture, clean the windows, beat the rugs (ok most likely have them cleaned), clean under the beds, take apart the light fixtures and chandeliers for a through wash, possibly cleaning and resealing the grout? Do you put away your winter cloths, air out the closets and pull out the spring clothing? Polish the silverware (I admit that I put this one off until I need it, and then curse myself for not cleaning it sooner)? What cleaning chores do you do only once or twice a year?

I look at spring cleaning as a time to clean what isn’t cleaned on a regular basis. I regularly clean the oven, the furniture and lamp shades are vacuumed every other week, wall switches are washed as necessary, and so are door knobs and hardware. The inside windows are washed on a regular basis, and the whole place is of course mopped, vacuumed and dusted weekly when we are home. I don’t consider that spring cleaning, I consider that every day (ok, weekly or bi-weekly) cleaning.

When we head home, the place is going to need a through cleaning. We have not been home since January, and while we are gone we had our staircase refinished and a new banister installed. Even with using “dustless” equipment, and closing off the rooms next to the staircase, I expect more than normal accumulation downstairs. We had our duct work cleaned last year (which really cuts down on the dust), and our furnaces are new-er. The water was shut off, so I expect the toilet lines to be a bit grim, but the showers should fine. No one has walked through most of the house, so I don’t expect a trail of dirt or debris. I do expect the house to be really, really dusty, I am just not sure how dirty it will be.

Here are my spring cleaning tips:

Don’t try and do it in one day. Seriously. Unless your house is tiny, you will just set yourself up for failure.

Have a plan. Even if it is simply… wash this, rearrange that, do room A first, room C last, have a plan specific to your house, your wants, your needs. No one else lives in your house, so only you, your spouse, or your roommates can make up this plan.

Start with the easiest room. And by that I mean either the smallest room or the room that needs the least amount of deep cleaning. It will give you a great sense of accomplishment to see a room finished and motivate you to go on.

Ask for help. Enlist the kids, spouse, friends and family! Heck, you could get together with a group of 5-6 friends and work through each other’s houses over the course of a few weeks if a lot of heavy lifting is involved.

Don’t get distracted. I have a bad habit of looking through old photos when I clean out drawers, reading old letters, etc. Stay focused and you can get that room done!

Finish one room before moving on to the next. This is part of not getting distracted. If you bring a load of paperwork into one room, leave it there. Don’t start that next room until you get the last room finished.

Don’t get overwhelmed. Do one room a week for six weeks. Sure everything will not be done at the same time, but it will be done! And that is the important part.

Hire help. This is my #1 recommendation if you work full time, are disabled, elderly, just hate cleaning or aren’t a very good cleaner (not everyone is).

What are your spring cleaning tips?

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