Essentials For Setting Up a Household

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Essentials For Setting Up a Household

Essentials For Setting Up a Household

I am trying to think back to when I first set up a household almost 30 years ago, my essentials for setting up a household. Some of the “must haves” have changed a bit – for instance back in the olden days a land-line phone was a must and now I never use one; today a microwave is on my list and back then they were very expensive.

When we set up the Utah place it was knowing that Hubby would be there 99% of the time, and I’d be there 1% – so consideration of his comfort took priority over consideration of our comfort. He got a TV and a sofa only because I would be there 1% of the time and I insisted. I never turned on that television in all the times I went, and I know for a fact he never did either! I’m not sure Hubby ever even sat on the couch!!

As we grow ever closer to setting up the condo in Florida, I am trying to compile lists of what we need to bring down/buy while there. The consideration is for our comfort, but my family will go down occasionally and use the place when we aren’t there, and we’d like to have things that “everyone” uses; things we we may not use. I’d really appreciate your input!

I have broken down my essentials for setting up a household by room. This is what I figure bare necessities are – ok maybe a few wants vs needs are on the list too:


• Coffee Grinder
• Dishwasher
• Microwave
• Stove
• Refrigerator/Freezer
Pots and Pans
• Baking Sheets and Pans
• Potholders
• Washcloths and Drying Towels
• Serving Bowls and Plates
• Silverware
• Glasses and Mugs
• Cooking Utensils
• Knives
• Table and Chairs
• Garbage Can

Living Room

• Sofa/Chairs
• Television
Coffee Table
• Side Table


• Bed – mattress and box springs
• Bedding: sheets, pillowcases, pillows, blankets, mattress pad
• Dresser
• Alarm Clock

Home Office

• Computer
• Desk and Chair
• Printer
• Lighting


• Towels and wash cloths
• Floor-mat
• Shower Curtain and hangers (if no glass doors)
• Garbage Can

For The Whole House

• Window coverings in all rooms
Vacuum Cleaner
• Cleaning Supplies (Even if you have a cleaning service some supplies are necessary)
• Wall Clock

What are your Essentials For Setting Up a Household? What am I missing? What can’t you live without that you have in your house that is necessary for day to day living?

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  1. The first thing that comes to mind for me based on what I see in condo’s we vacation at are: outdoor grill (if the condo doesn’t have one) and grilling utensils. In the home office, definitely a wireless router. When I book a condo, I always make sure it has WiFi. That’s all I can think of for now. HTH

  2. Thank you for thinking of my comfort… are my dates confirmed yet? I think we shall need a BLENDER, a corkscrew and seafood crackers…. THANKS!!!!

    • Awesome ideas, Michelle!

      Now since you are coming down to Florida, that means the kids can find another cheer mom/scout leader/designated driver?


  3. Christina Morley says

    I checked out your post about your condo. Congrats! My mom and step-dad also have corrosion issues living close to the beach. They are in Palm Coast. All the best with setting up your new home!

    • Christina you hit on the exact reason we decided against a house and went with a condo. We couldn’t be there to maintain constantly with all the salt corrosion – we are also on the beach.


  4. NYCSingleMom says

    I could not improve upon your list. totally the essentials. Thanks for stopping by WW

  5. Soap Dispensers, Shower Caddies/Racks, Extra Hangers, Iron/Ironing Board or Steamer, Food Chopper/Processor, Laundry Hamper/Basket for guests to put used clothes to eliminate clutter, Doormats for tracking sand, Patio Table for Outdoor Dining and Chairs and you forgot the Wine Glasses. Shame on you. 🙂

  6. After living in a one bedroom apt. for 5 mos. in Seattle I figured out we could live with a whole lot less than I thought. Came home & really cleaned the house out. Have kept it up pretty well.

    So, my advice ~ take/buy less than you think you will need. It can always be added. Make sure many items can serve dual duty (i.e. wine glasses also water glasses……………well except for those gorgeous things you posted about a few weeks ago………those are a wowzer!)

    The only item I missed was my crockpot. If you tend to do that kind of cooking, get a small crockpot.

    • Thank you for the advice, Patti. I am looking at this as an opportunity to clean out the basement first and foremost. 😛 Hubby has a pile of doubles he is bringing down, including a crockpot. I have waffled back and forth with “just get it done” and “just get the bare minimum and add”. I think you are correct and bare minimum with additions over the years may well be the best way to go.


  7. You didn’t have a recycling bin Ann. Small one for inside and a larger one for outside. Other than that, and a crock pot , that is all I would add!

    Praying for a safe trip and successful set up!

  8. Ann are you seriously buying a computer just to leave at your condo? Most people have laptops and mobile devices these days. I would just have wifi and assume people will bring their own computer and/or phone or tablet.

    • Because I know my family (and Hubby does too) a laptop left there is a must, Shell. A true must. They don’t travel with computers, and my parents barely have a mobile phone, let alone a smart phone. Hubby will just refurbish one of our old ones though and clean the hard drive, files, etc. That will be what we leave down there.


  9. Stand alone fans? Nothing like Fla to be humid in addition to being hot! Yuk! 😛
    Also, I would hate hate hate to be anywhere in a kitchen without a food processor, a cheese slicer & grater. You could use the food processor to do all 3 if you had to.
    I think someone else mentioned a cork screw.. I agree completely!
    Also, I personally wouldnt be anywhere without a Food Saver with Jar Attachments. The humid south is wonderful to ruin all sorts of goods that can be ok in other parts of the country.
    I personally would want a crock pot too since I use mine a lot.

    I agree with whoever said iron & ironing board.. I detest wrinkled clothes and its not always easy to keep your clothes unwrinkled when you’re traveling.
    Laundry baskets too.

  10. A can opener for sure! I’d definitely second the motion for a corkscrew, iron & board, crock pot, & outdoor grill!

  11. A colander for the kitchen, who doesn’t make pasta. Toilet plunger…you just never know.

  12. Valerie Kelton says

    Cheese Grater and Cutting Board, & Can Opener but I like to cook! Good Potato Peeler too!

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